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  • Custom Blister Pack-20

    Custom Blister Pack

    Promotional blister packaging can be made to any specification to fi...
  • USB Gift Box 3-20

    USB Gift Box 3

    Colours Available: Silver Only Minimum order qty: 25 Units Promoti...
  • USB Window Pack 2-20

    USB Window Pack 2

    Promotional USB card box with product window and printable zone.Prin...

  • USB Velvet Pouch-20

    USB Velvet Pouch

    USB Velvet pouch custom made to fit any of our promotional usb drive...
  • USB Round Tin Box-20

    USB Round Tin Box

    Promotional tin usb package with metallic finish and printable area ...
  • Recycled Card Box-20

    Recycled Card Box

    Promotional USB case made from recycled cardboard material.Printable...

  • USB Clear Cube Case-20

    USB Clear Cube Case

    Promotional USB clear plastic case that can accomodate just about AN...
  • USB Clear Case 2-20

    USB Clear Case 2

    Promotional USB clear plastic case that can accomodate just about AN...
  • USB Gift Card Box 4-20

    USB Gift Card Box 4

    Colours Available: Silver Only Minimum Order Qty: 25 Units Promoti...

  • USB Pen Gift Box-20

    USB Pen Gift Box

    Colours Available: Black Only Minimum Order Qty: 25 units Promotio...

Your choice of promotional products will have a big influence on how people view your company so it is important to choose the right ones from the very start. Our range of branded USB drive packaging is designed to turn simple memory sticks into something really special that are sure to be appreciated when presented to customers. Available in a variety of different styles, each one is made using quality materials and can be personalised to your specifications to make sure your corporate logo and name are highly visible at all times.

A lasting impression

These cases are built to last, which is why they come with a 10-year warranty. We only use the highest grade materials in the manufacturing process, to ensure that they really will make a lasting impression on your target audience. Whether you are presenting memory sticks to valued clients or using them as corporate giveaways at an industry expo, the more durable your gifts are, the greater the exposure your company will receive. It is for this reason that we never compromise on quality, even though many of the items in this category are very cheap to buy.

Mobile advertising

Boxes that are designed to be used to carry USB drives around will be seen by thousands of different people over time. Wherever the recipients travel, there is an excellent chance that they will take their memory sticks with them, meaning that your business will receive a great deal of exposure for a small initial outlay. Bold colours and clear text work well on this type of product, ensuring that even a fleeting glimpse will be enough to make an impression on those people that see your memory sticks being carried around the towns and cities where they are distributed.

Eco-friendly packaging

If you would like to boost your green credentials at the same time as increasing brand awareness, our recycled card packages are an excellent choice. Printed with your company name and website address, they offer an eco-friendly way to promote your organisation and with our competitive wholesale pricing structure it will not cost a fortune to establish your position as a company that is genuinely concerned about the environment. Commercial organisations across the globe are realising how important this subject has become to the general public, which is why we offer these products at such an affordable price.

The whole package

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to promote your firm using our IT products and are happy to be able to offer the USB drives themselves, as well as a preloaded data service, to complement our range of flash drive packaging. When you only have to deal with one supplier, and that supplier is Dynamic Gift, organising promotional campaigns that utilise custom flash drives in attractive presentation boxes is so much simpler. Whether you wish to place a bulk order for a campaign across Australia or you only need a few hundred units, we are here to help.

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