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Large Inflatable Structures

Price beat guarantee

Large scale inflatable structures are all in a days work for our factory. 

Minimum order is just 1 unit

Features include:

  • Custom shapes & moulds.

  • Full colour printed panels.

  • Full colour logo printing.

  • Specific colour matched material.

  • Any size you require including inflatable buildings.

Construction notes

Every seam in the Inflatable signs & banners range is reinforced with an additional two-inch wide strip of vinyl. After the seams are R. F. sealed they are joined together with a double stitch, this creates 4-6 layers of strength.

In high-stress related areas as many as 6 pieces of two-inch wide vinyl strips are used for added durability. A lap seam fold is also used in joining panels to give increased durability.

Extensive work goes into constructing each and every inflatable item, from conception to completion. Our main emphasis in the building process is producing the finest, most durable products in the industry. The involvement in the construction has included years of research and develop a perfect product. From materials to identifying stress points. We engineer Inflatable signs that are aesthetically appealing and more importantly structurally safe and designed to withstand any type of stress.


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