Custom Branded Golf Divot Repairers At Lowest Prices

With our full line of custom branded golf accessories, you can make corporate golf events and everyday games more special. We carry divot repairers and other products that bring a unique dimension to clients’, employees’ and customers’ golf games. When they get our personalised golf gear, your recipients are sure to be the talk of the course.


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    The game of golf is heavily steeped in tradition. The atmosphere, the company one keeps, and the accessories are all crucial to the enjoyment of the game. With the right gear, players enhance their enjoyment and image, regardless of their skill level. Our divot repairers can be branded with your corporate logo or marketing message, and they make a great gift for customers and employees alike.

    Get Products From the World’s Top Golf Manufacturers

    Some of our products are from the best golf gear manufacturers in the world. With the addition of your logo, your company will become associated with these top brands. In almost every case, it will greatly benefit you to reassure recipients that they’re getting a retail-quality product from a known and trusted brand.

    Our Golf Sets Make Charity Games Easier

    If you’re a marketer who’s new to the game of golf, we suggest that you call us to discuss your available options. In just a few short days, we can have a full set of golf gear branded and customised to your specifications. Your players’ needs may vary depending on factors like:

    • The number of people participating in the game
    • Skill level
    • The need for a full or partial golf kit

    With these bits of information, our company can provide you with high-value options for gear that your customers and employees are sure to use. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to offer players products they already have, nor should you provide new players with golf tools that are better suited to experienced golfers.

    We Can Help You Choose the Right Custom Golf Gear

    With such a vast selection of golf products, it’s hard to choose those that provide optimal branding opportunities. Golf accessories typically fall into one of these categories:

    • Items that provide significant exposure, such as umbrellas, club covers, and golf flags
    • Products that are frequently used but are often lost, such as tees, customised golf balls, and pencils
    • Products that are reused repeatedly, such as our custom branded divot repairers, keyrings, and towels

    In most cases, we suggest choosing gear from all of the above categories to receive the highest level of exposure. With our customised golf products, your players will become brand ambassadors, and they’ll have a tangible reminder of the products and services your company provides. Our products make great corporate gifts and employee incentives, and they’re a fine way to thank customers for their continued support.

    Order Your Customised Divot Repairers and Other Golf Items Today

    Our custom golf gear is a useful and fun way to spread your marketing message. With our low minimum order quantity and fast shipping throughout Australia, we’re one of the country’s top sources of promotional golf items. Visit us online for more details or call today to start the ordering process.