Custom Branded Fridge Magnets Delivered Fast

If your looking for a great promotional giveaway that won't get stuck in the bottom draw for years, then fridge magnets are the go! Let us design you the perfect magnetic business card or custom shaped magnet with your branding and contact info so that your company can be easily contact by potential customers and clients. As always we are offering 100% free mockup service, rapid delivery and a 360 degree full service where we literally do everything to get your order produced and delivered to your door.


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    Promotional items often end up in a drawer and are forgotten over time. However, this isn't the case with every item obtained at a trade show or during a giveaway. Printed magnets, for example, often rest on a refrigerator or filing cabinet in clear sight yet out of the way. They serve as a reminder of the company being advertised and are of great help when a magnet is needed. As a result, they are often the first place a person turns when they need a product or service offered by the company that supplied the magnet. Businesses need to keep this in mind when the time comes to choose the next promotional products.

    Any design, produced in stunning full digital colour

    Promotional fridge magnets can be created with any design, logo, or message desired by the company ordering the product. There are numerous shapes, sizes, and colours the company may choose from, and the magnets are very practical. They are durable and hold up well over time, and they are very easy to distribute. A company may mail a magnet to a consumer along with a billing statement or other piece or correspondence. Furthermore, they are small and lightweight enough for individuals to carry in their pockets, wallets or bags when they will be out and about. Every employee can carry one or two and share them with individuals who express interest in what the company has to offer.

    Boost your name recognition at an affordable price

    Magnetic business cards are very effective when it comes to increasing a company's sales and boosting name recognition. This is of great importance, as high-quality magnets will share the company's name or message for years to come. When displayed on a refrigerator in the home, the magnet may be passed from homeowner to homeowner over the years. If used in a business setting, new clients or employees will be exposed to the brand with no effort on the company's part.

    When creating a magnet to use for this purpose, companies need to ensure the magnet reflects their other marketing materials. This helps when it comes to boosting brand awareness. Furthermore, the company needs to choose a high-quality product because the magnet serves as a reflection of their business and its offerings. If the magnet looks cheap and flimsy, consumers may assume the products of the company being advertised are cheap and flimsy too. Keep this in mind when choosing any promotional product and provider of these items.

    Cut to any shape, size or design

    Magnets come in many shapes and sizes. To truly make theirs stand out, a company needs to consider the numerous options available to them. A local pizza restaurant, for instance, may wish to offer customers a magnet in the shape of a slice of pizza. In contrast, a service company might offer their customers a magnetic calendar to put on their fridge and circle the date the consumer should next call for a service visit. Magnetic whiteboards are a good option, and the same is true of to-do lists in magnetic form. Every person will find a use for these items in their home or office.

    One thing many individuals don't realize is magnets come in many varieties. Any time a person mentions a promotional magnet, the mind almost automatically goes to fridge magnets. Think outside the box, however, and choose something unique. A business may find they want to offer their clients a fridge magnet torch, an item that will come in handy when the lights go out for any reason. Other businesses, in contrast, opt to provide their clients with a magnetic earphone retainer. Imagine the exposure a business will get when the user takes this item to the gym regularly. These are only a few of the magnetic items available today for promotional purposes. There are numerous others to consider when making a selection.

    The choice of magnet provider is of great importance as well. Look for a company with quality products, a wide range of items to choose from, and outstanding customer service. The promotional product supplier should also provide assistance with designing the product, artwork services, and more. Turnaround time should be fast to ensure the business can get these items into the hands of the target audience, and prices should be affordable for all. With numerous providers to choose from, a business may believe it is easy to find a provider that meets these qualifications. However, this isn't always the case, thus businesses need to take care and choose a company with a proven track record. Doing so is of great benefit to their organisation in both the short and long run.