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Don't get caught out with a flat phone battery ever again. Discover our range of custom printed plastic power banks, available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs. Take advantage of our 100% free design service, where our team will design your artwork for you, 100% free og charge.


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    When you're running late for work or out on an errand, the last thing you want is a phone battery that's about to go flat. In our fully connected world, a dead battery is a real inconvenience. However, Dynamic Gift's printed power banks are a great way to keep mobile phones charged on the go. These promo items are handy and simple to use, and your Sydney customers will appreciate that you're helping them stay connected. Below are a few things to consider when choosing customised power banks.

    Power Output

    Your choice amongst our custom branded power banks will depend largely on your audience's needs and your budget. Before making a selection, be sure to consider the devices your users will be plugging in. Banks with smaller output levels mean slower charging, while those with higher output levels can give even the biggest devices a boost.


    Milliamp-hours or mAh is a reference to the charging capacity of a power bank. Higher numbers imply that the stored charge will last longer, and requirements vary depending on device type and charging frequency. For instance, if several colleagues will use the bank during the day, consider choosing a customised power bank with our highest available mAh.

    Power Anywhere It's Needed

    Now, we'll move on to one of the most obvious aspects of a custom imprint power bank: the power it provides. Whilst Brisbane users simply plug in their mobile devices to get up and running again, the bank itself can be charged via a common mains plug. From there, the charge is stored and ready for transfer to any mobile device, on demand. No matter where the user is, they'll never be without a charge on their favourite device.

    Easy Customisation

    With our custom imprint power banks, it's easy to add your company's logo. Your brand will get additional exposure at trade shows and other events, and your staff members will be grateful to get such a useful gift. Printed power banks from Dynamic Gift aren't like other modern marketing tools; they're genuinely useful to your entire Melbourne audience.

    Multiple Inputs

    The ability to charge multiple devices is a must for modern professionals, as most career people carry more than one gadget to and from work. Multi-device charging is particularly useful if you're travelling with co-workers and everyone's battery is about to go flat. With a multi-input power bank, no one's mobile device has to run out of battery power.

    Great Value and Fantastic Returns

    Our custom branded power banks are a great promotional gift for partners, staff, and clients all over Australia, and there prices are quite reasonable. Furthermore, because they provide so much brand exposure, they represent an excellent value for the investment. These useful tech tools are an important piece of kit for anyone who owns a mobile device, and they can prevent users from missing important messages and calls. If you'd like to learn more about our selection of printed power banks and other tech gear, call us at Dynamic Gift today.