Custom Printed Table Cloths & Trestle Covers

Make sure you get the attention and visibility you need at events, expos, and trade shows. Fly the flag of your brand high and stand out of the crowd with custom printed table cloths made bespoke for you at Dynamic Gift. With high-quality fabric, superior finishes, and dynamic printing for every colour of the rainbow, you can make sure that your brand is given the display it deserves.


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    Premium custom printed table cloths

    Whether you’re getting prepared for next year’s event season or you need custom printed table cloths now, we can provide prompt service with the detail and quality your brand needs.

    Our extensive range, including stretch zip, fitted, throw, and three side stretch table cloths come with a price beat guarantee, rapid turnaround time and totally free artwork service. Simply enter the detail required on the website and you can get a free quote in moments

    Any colour and design you like

    The vibrant full-colour printing technology we use with the high-quality premium oxford polyester blend means that you can use unlimited colours to create whatever display suits your needs. Furthermore, we can apply our printing service to whatever kind of cloth you need, whether a loose, ready-to-transport throw table cloth, a tight and neat fitted table cloth or something else entirely.

    Make sure your brand stands out big and bold

    At any event, trade show, or expo, your team will be working their hardest to get traffic to come their way and to give the brand the exposure it deserves.

    Their work can be made all the easier by a branded table cloth that catches the eye and helps people find your booth all the more easily. We can help you ensure the right design, putting the brand symbol, logo, and name in the best possible place to catch the eye of attendants at the event.

    A cost-effective way to make your presence known

    With our free artwork design service, you can have your logo, colours, and branding applied to custom printed table cloths of all types and sizes. You only have to pay for the printing and the cloth itself, meaning that it’s affordable to order as many as you need. You can order only one if that’s all you need.

    However, if you have multiple booths or tables to cover, then it’s easy to order as many as you need. All table cloths sold at Dynamic Gift promotions can be made to any size required, or even more affordably at the standard sizes of 6ft and 8ft.

    Get it as soon as you need it

    Got an event coming up and you’re worried your booth or table won’t stand out? With our 5-day rush service, we offer the fastest turnaround times, helping get our products to you as promptly as possible for those events coming over the horizon. Be sure to let us know if you need this optional service.

    With Dynamic Gift Promotions, you can secure the customer printed table cloths that help you really establish your presence at any event, expo, or trade show. Take a closer look at the options we have for sale or get in touch if you need help making your order.