Catalog & Brochure Display Stands Fully Custom Branded

Draw peoples attention at any trade show and ensure that your marketing material ends up in the right hands with our selected range of stretch brochure display and tablet display stands. Choose from our interactive solution which features vesa mounting for a television, a tablet solution which allows you to display an iPad or other tablet with an interactive catalog or website and we also have options for traditional brochures to be racked and displayed to people visiting your trade show booth. Just ask our team today for a quote and don't forget we offer Australia's best prices backed up by premium quality products and 100% free design service!


    If a company is attracting customers with word-of-mouth and advertising, it's easy to consider trade shows unnecessary. While trade show attendance isn't easy, it can be rewarding when businesses use customised expo display stands from Dynamic Gift. Here, customers will learn some of the biggest benefits of custom display stands.

    Meeting and Connecting With Potential Customers

    It is sometimes difficult to follow up on sales leads. Being heard is one of the hardest parts of outbound marketing, and when a company is in a highly competitive field, it can be even harder. However, when exhibitors use our customised displays, they can meet potential customers in person rather than over the phone. Although some will buy your services and products immediately, many won't. However, a custom branded display will keep the company in the customer's mind until they're ready to make a purchase.

    Learning About Industry Developments

    When businesses attend major events in Australia, they put themselves at the centre of all the action. Trade shows and expos are a great place for businesses to showcase their latest developments, which often have industry-wide effects. Using customised expo display stands isn't just a way to make sales; it gives companies the chance to look at industry developments and the opportunities created therein.

    Establishing and Strengthening Brands

    Expos and trade shows are one of the few places where small companies have the same access to potential customers as large firms do. This makes these events an important opportunity not just for marketing and direct sales, but for building a brand and positioning it as an industry leader. From promo items to trade show displays in Sydney, Dynamic Gift gives brands a sizable boost.

    Keeping Tabs on the Competition

    In Brisbane's business world, it's important to keep customers close and competitors closer. Trade show exhibits allow companies to see what competitors are doing and apply similar tactics to their own marketing efforts. Great businesses know what their competitors are up to, and customised expo display stands make it easier to connect with others in the field.

    Catering to the Target Market

    While email surveys can help companies learn what customers want (and what they don't), low response rates make them useful only to the largest companies. Trade shows and expos, especially those where representatives can speak directly to the customer, allow companies to solicit feedback that may help them improve and expand. By conducting short surveys on custom display stands, companies can gather feedback and generate leads at the same time.

    Optimisation of Lead Generation and Sales Strategies

    Expos and trade shows in Melbourne are a good opportunity to expose sales team members to dozens of prospects within a short time. In many aspects, an expo is a form of accelerated sales training. It allows companies to quickly test new strategies in a highly responsive environment. With custom display stands, customers are more likely to stop by to hear what the company has to say. Call Dynamic Gift or visit us online to discuss expo marketing and lead generation strategies.