Custom Printed Cafe Barriers, Event Fencing and Crowd Barriers

Crowd control is a huge part of events and trade shows, funneling people to the correct areas is paramount for security and also to prevents traffic jams and long queues for services or entry. Your event doesn't need to be a dreary series of people stoppers simply dotted around the convention center because we can print your designs, graphics, logo, emblem or event sponsors names onto one of our barrier cover products to liven things up. All of our crowd barrier covers are made from premium materials that are designed to last multiple events and daily use.


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    Businesses in Australia are increasingly utilising branding and marketing tools to put their names in front of their customers, and construction site banners are one of these tools. Custom branded banner mesh is a high-quality, long-lasting product, and it is a fine alternative to vinyl and other more expensive products. With better production quality than shadecloth, printed fence mesh is ideal for sporting events and construction sites. Below are a few of the benefits of custom branded construction site banners from Dynamic Gift.

    Increased Brand Awareness

    Branding is a crucial part of today’s businesses. A company’s brand represents its values and vision and it helps people form positive associations that turn them into repeat customers. Printed banner mesh is particularly beneficial for Sydney construction businesses, as it allows them to advertise in a highly targeted way. By printing the company’s logo, mission statement, and contact details on banners and displaying them around the jobsite, construction companies can build brand awareness and drive more conversions.

    Restricting Access

    In the case of festivals and construction sites, planners and owners may want to keep the public out of certain areas for safety’s sake. Printed fence mesh is handy here as well; it’s an easy, efficient way to cordon off parts of a site and restrict public access.

    Great Print Quality

    With technological advances and PVC-coated substrates, Dynamic Gift is able to create vivid images on custom branded construction site banners. Top-quality printing means that brands are represented properly, and that the fencing is more likely to grab potential customers’ attention in Melbourne.

    Budget Friendliness

    An additional benefit of printed fence mesh is that it’s an affordable option. Construction companies, especially those on tight budgets, can see significant returns on their investment in these banners.

    Rain and Wind Resistance

    Custom branded banner or fence mesh has numerous tiny holes in its surface, which allows better airflow. Wind won’t damage these banners or knock over fences to which they’re attached. Brisbane construction sites are usually exposed to the elements, and fence mesh’s properties make it ideal for blustery, windy conditions. Furthermore, printed banner mesh is waterproof, which prevents rain from ruining the customised design.

    It’s Environmentally Safe

    Today’s companies are increasingly aware of their effects on the environment, and as such, they’re taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Fence mesh is eco-friendly, and Australian companies can use it in the knowledge that they’re helping the environment.

    It’s UV-Resistant

    Many companies are concerned about their logos and branding looking faded and worn. However, mesh banners are UV-resistant, which means custom printing won’t fade for a year or more.

    They’re Easy to Put Up

    Construction site banners are simple to hang, as they have nylon edging and eyelets. Furthermore, there’s a tape backing on the reverse edges of the product, which gives it additional strength.
    There are many reasons to consider buying customised printed fence mesh for construction sites and other purposes. Learn more about this amazing and versatile product by calling us at Dynamic Gift today.