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This modern age when smartphones are taking over the world, our smartphone usb drives with mini and micro usb drives, these are the perfect item to promote your brand on a daily basis, full customisable with your brand or logo.

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As USB OTG is gaining ground, smartphone USB drives are becoming more prevalent. However, many people don’t know how they work. In this guide, readers can learn about USB mini storage and its promotional benefits for business owners in Australia.

The History of USB

Universal Serial Bus or USB has been defining PC usage since the technology was launched. However, USB devices of the past have limitations that exclude most of today’s smartphone users. Connecting these devices can be a real problem, but new tech known as USB OTG gets past these limitations to make interconnectivity easier. Custom branded smartphone USB drives allow users to connect their devices without the need to use a computer as an intermediary. As vendors update their OEM platforms, mini USB storage is becoming more significant as a technology and a promotional tool.

Connecting Devices Via a Smartphone USB Drive

To start a USB OTG connection, users need an OTC cable or they have to mimic the configuration of other devices. The latter option is particularly useful when users want to connect their mini USB storage devices with an OTG A-type connector at one end and a USB A-type connector at the other. Power usage is capped for additional safety, and users can always use a powered hub to lessen the strain on their smartphones.

Which Devices Support the Standard?

A common question is whether particular devices work with smartphone USB drives. The device’s manual or Settings menu is a great place to find this info, and in some cases, devices can be tested against USB apps. However, most of today’s popular devices support the standard, which makes these custom branded drives a great giveaway item in Melbourne.

What It Means for Customers’ Phones

Customers with devices that are USB OTG compatible can not only transfer files with ease, they can perform other business tasks as well. Though there are many occasions where a desktop or laptop is a better choice, there are many compelling reasons to use a smartphone USB drive.


Smartphone USB drives have storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 1TB, which gives companies wide range to choose from. The amount of storage customers need is dependent on the content they want to store; some download small files, while others want to store HD movies and high-res games. When companies are in tune with their customers’ needs, it’s easy to choose mini USB storage devices with enough storage.

Use With Other Devices

External storage for smartphones can be used with a range of computing devices. Along with iPhones, some smartphone USB drives allow users to transfer information from their iPads, Android phones, tablets, and Windows PCs. All of our products specify device and system compatibility, which gives Brisbane customers choices.


Some of today’s mini USB storage drives allow users to protect their information with a password. If a recipient decides to store sensitive financial, legal, or personal information on their device, this is an important feature for Sydney companies to consider. Visit or call Dynamic Gift for more details.