USB Data services - Encryption - Preloading

We offer many services to go with your usb drives below are just some of the additional data options that we can bundle
with your promotional USBs.

Data Pre Loading

USB Data Pre Loading And Duplication.

It is almost essential to pre load your usb drives with data such as marketing material or perhaps a company brochure in Adobe PDF or powerpoint format. Pre loading is also a brilliant option for presenting video and audio to clients or potential customers. We can preload absolutely any file type to our USB drives.

Popular formats include: Powerpoint presentations, Adobe PDF documents, Word documents, Pictures and slideshows, Software executables and programs.

Data Locking

Data Locking, Dual Zone & Specific Locked Files.

Prevent certain files and folders being deleted or removed from your usb drives. Protected data is essential when using your USB Drives for advertising or marketing material.

Important files become "read only" and cannot be removed from the drive ever. Similar to how a CD-Rom is burnt.
This feature is available on all USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 drives. Files go into a split partition drive which is permanently locked.


Autorun On Plugin

Autorun can be applied to your usb drives enabling them to run when plugged into a PC. The feature allows the smooth transitional opening of brochures, catalogues or any marketing material you may have had loaded onto your usb.

Operating system restrictions do apply to the autorun function, contact our sales team for information on specific operating systems that prohibit autorun from USB.

Volume Name

Custom Volume/Drive Name.

Its important that people know which drive to open when looking for your promotional usb drive on their PC. We can custom name the volume of your usb drives to anything up to 11 characters long. This fully functions on all PCs, Macs and computer devices.

Custom volume

Custom Drive Icon

We can create a custom icon for your usb drives. This is shown on the volume/drive when opened in My Computer (or Finder)

This ads an extra special touch to your custom made usb drives. Icon creation is totally free by our graphic design department.

Or you can supply a 64 x 64px image for use as your icon.


Data Encryption.

Protected data is becoming more and more of a requirement with USB and electronic data storage deviced.

We can encrypt your data onto the usb drives using the 256bit encryption key. *Data encryption is only available on certain usb models.

Web Key

Plugin Web Key.

We can create website shortcuts and web keys. Using the autorun command we can set your usb drives up to auto load a website when the drive is plugged into the users PC.

We can also load entire websites onto our usb drives for local accessing without the need for an internet connection.


It Does Not Stop There

Dynamic gift are experts in custom developing USB solutions to meet the ever demanding needs of our clients.

If you see a usb idea, or think of something truely special that you require for your data then we urge you to tell us.

We will work with you to create a custom promotional usb drive data solution.

Media Recordable

Other Recordable Media

Don't forget we can also duplicate data onto other items such as CF, SD, Micro SD. Assorted microchip types and CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Volumes.

All custom printable and custom designed to meet your needs.