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The durable nature of many of our promotional items makes them ideal for companies interested in long-term exposure in order to increase brand awareness, whether in a certain region or across the whole country. However, if you wish to promote a special offer or seasonal product for a short period of time, our range of custom stickers and non-permanent tattoos could be a much better choice. Available in any size or shape you desire, these items offer a flexible way to make potential customers aware of one-off deals or generous discounts that will only be in effect for a short time.

Fresh and Exciting

The idea of tattooing a number of willing employees so that they can act as walking advertisements for your company may seem rather outlandish at first but fresh and exciting marketing techniques such as these that can really grab the attention of consumers who are growing tired of the continual bombardment of commercials to which they are subjected both at home and whilst shopping in town. Cheap to buy, easy to apply and equally easy to remove, temporary tattoos are sure to draw attention to your organisation and what it has to offer.

Attracting Younger Consumers

Skin art is very popular with many young people and therefore an excellent choice for companies that are selling products and services aimed at this particular demographic. If your firm is trying to develop a corporate image that will appeal to the hip crowd, convincing a few of your younger employees to get inked for the cause is definitely worth considering. This form of promotion is particularly effective during the summer months when tattooed parts of the body can easily be shown off on beaches as well as recreational areas in busy cities across Australia.

Visually Stunning

If you are looking to make a big impact in a new marketplace, we can wholeheartedly recommend our tattoo sleeves. Designs of your choice are printed in full colour with a dye sublimation process onto the sleeves, which are made from a skin-coloured material that clings to the arms, and when being worn they create the impression that the wearer has been tattooed with your branded images. Whether you would like to place a bulk order immediately or try a few hundred to see how well they work, our in-house graphic design team can create images to your specifications at no extra cost.

Sticking with What You Know

If you think that conventional promotional items are more suitable for your business, our personalised stickers, manufactured in any shape and size you desire, could be your best option. Whether you stick them on product packaging that will be seen in stores across the country or distribute them as marketing giveaways that people can use to decorate their cars and bikes, our wholesale prices will ensure that you can afford to make a big impression in any geographical location you wish to target. Full colour digital printing is available if you need to reproduce photographic images.