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One of the most popular ways to show your appreciation to your employees and to your clients is with a corporate gift and with Dynamic Gift International, you will not be disappointed. With our extensive and exciting range of branded speakers, we are confident that you’ll find the perfect present for your corporate gifting needs. At Dynamic Gift International, we love what we do and our people are the experts at promoting other companies. We can recommend the perfect promotional item and our branded speakers are one of them. Read More
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  • Hermosa Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Hermosa Bluetooth Speaker
  • I-Cam Bluetooth Lantern Speaker-20
    I-Cam Bluetooth Lantern Speaker
  • I-Camp Lantern Speaker-20
    I-Camp Lantern Speaker
  • Jive Speaker-20
    Jive Speaker
  • Rave Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Rave Bluetooth Speaker
  • Suction Cup Speaker Stand-20
    Suction Cup Speaker Stand
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Pad-20
    Bluetooth Speaker Charging Pad
  • The Maestro Wireless Speaker-20
    The Maestro Wireless Speaker
  • Bluetooth Speaker Vacuum Bottle-20
    Bluetooth Speaker Vacuum Bottle
  • Infinity Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Infinity Bluetooth Speaker
  • Speaker Bluetooth-20
    Speaker Bluetooth
  • Manhattan Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Manhattan Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bobby Wireless Speaker-20
    Bobby Wireless Speaker
  • Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Nitro Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Nitro Bluetooth Speaker
  • Superior Gift Set Groove Speaker, Velocity Power Bank-20
    Superior Gift Set Groove Speaker, Velocity Power Bank
  • Venice Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Venice Bluetooth Speaker
  • Shogun Speaker & Inductive Charger-20
    Shogun Speaker & Inductive Charger
  • Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker-20
    Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker
  • Silicone iPhone Speaker-20
    Silicone iPhone Speaker
  • The Slate Wireless Speaker-20
    The Slate Wireless Speaker
  • Aurora Lantern Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Aurora Lantern Bluetooth Speaker
  • Quantum Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Quantum Bluetooth Speaker
  • Mini Orb Wireless Speaker-20
    Mini Orb Wireless Speaker
  • Groove Speaker-20
    Groove Speaker
  • Santa Monica Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Santa Monica Bluetooth Speaker
  • Echo Wireless Speaker-20
    Echo Wireless Speaker
  • Quartz Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Quartz Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tardis Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Tardis Bluetooth Speaker
  • The BOOM Speaker Power Bank-20
    The BOOM Speaker Power Bank
  • Echo Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Echo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Havoc Water Resistant Speaker-20
    Havoc Water Resistant Speaker
  • Genisys Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Genisys Bluetooth Speaker
  • Laguna Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Laguna Bluetooth Speaker
  • Rock Wireless Speaker-20
    Rock Wireless Speaker
  • Bass Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Bass Bluetooth Speaker
  • Polaris Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Polaris Bluetooth Speaker
  • Superior Gift Set Family Power Bank, Speaker, Card Reader-20
    Superior Gift Set Family Power Bank, Speaker, Card Reader
  • Voodoo Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Voodoo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set-20
    Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set
  • Cylon Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Cylon Bluetooth Speaker
  • Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker
  • S10 Wireless Charger/Speaker-20
    S10 Wireless Charger/Speaker
  • Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup-20
    Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup
  • Light Up Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Light Up Bluetooth Speaker
  • Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tango Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Tango Bluetooth Speaker
  • Retro TF Speaker-20
    Retro TF Speaker
  • Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder-20
    Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder
  • Pump Music Speaker-20
    Pump Music Speaker
  • Promotional Car Speaker-20
    Promotional Car Speaker
  • Promo Music Cube-20
    Promo Music Cube
  • Riot Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Riot Bluetooth Speaker
  • The Boom Pro Speaker-20
    The Boom Pro Speaker
  • Mini Digital Stereo Speaker-20
    Mini Digital Stereo Speaker
  • Droid Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Droid Bluetooth Speaker
  • The Family BT Speaker-20
    The Family BT Speaker
  • Promo Power Cube Speaker-20
    Promo Power Cube Speaker
  • Portable Speaker Pod-20
    Portable Speaker Pod
  • Waterproof Speaker-20
    Waterproof Speaker
  • Outdoor Wireless Speaker-20
    Outdoor Wireless Speaker
  • Compact Cylinder Speaker-20
    Compact Cylinder Speaker
  • Soda Style Mini Speaker-20
    Soda Style Mini Speaker
  • Compact Music Cube-20
    Compact Music Cube
  • TF Slot Mini Speaker-20
    TF Slot Mini Speaker
  • Ripple Mobile Speaker-20
    Ripple Mobile Speaker
  • Mega Boom Mini Speaker-20
    Mega Boom Mini Speaker
  • Speaker Pill-20
    Speaker Pill
  • Promo Orbit Speaker-20
    Promo Orbit Speaker
  • The Tempo Speaker-20
    The Tempo Speaker
  • Whammo Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Whammo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand-20
    Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand
  • Family Speaker-20
    Family Speaker
  • Halo Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Halo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger-20
    Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger

Set Descending Direction

77 Item(s)

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Custom Bluetooth Speakers, Branded With Your Logo

Dynamic Gift International can offer a low price guarantee; if you find branded speakers cheaper elsewhere within Australia, let us know and we will 100% beat that price! Our art service is free and you can leave the creativity up to us. We will show you the design of your items every step of the way so that you can approve it before we create your promotional masterpiece. The best bit? Some of our items have a five day turnaround time, so you’re not waiting for long!

Popular Staff Gift Options

Many of the speakers one our website have dual purpose, some charge your phone at the same time, some are Bluetooth or corded, some are waterproof. There are a lot of different options in the category and our speakers are a popular option for a staff gift because of the fact they are long-lasting and impressive to give - so you’ll be extremely popular! Promo Bluetooth speakers can be designed so that you can put either your corporate logo or the logo of your client’s company on them. When you give speakers that feature your brand as a gift you are giving someone a lasting impression of your business.

Our stunning range of promo Bluetooth speakers make for a stylish gift and when you own a business and are looking for classy thank-you gifts, you’ll find it much better for your budget to buy branded speakers in bulk from Dynamic Gift International.

If you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business in your establishment, branded speakers will stand out from any crowd and be a lasting advertisement. It’s all about showing off your brand, and if you can do that with a set of waterproof speakers, you’re going to be a winner in the eyes of your employees.

Stylish, Unique - The Perfect Way To Jam

Promo Bluetooth speakers are always a well-received gift, especially for things like Secret Santa at Christmas. You can get the party started in your office environment with the perfect, stylish promo Bluetooth speakers. A gift such as this is useful and your brand becomes an indefinite advertisement.

Your staff will always hang onto branded speakers; they’re not huge in size but they don’t have to be, one of our promo Bluetooth speakers is perfect for home or office.

Your branded speakers are going to be the gift of the year, and you can choose the way that you design them as well as the quantity that you want to order. No job is too big or small for us here and while we won’t supply the music, you’re going to want to jam out to your smashing idea in staff gifting this year. The only real dilemma that you will need to ask yourself in the end is: which song to dance to first?

Our Designs

At our inhouse design studio, our services aren’t just efficient, they’re free. We know you need the best artwork on your branded speakers to really pack a punch and we aim to be as careful as possible with your artwork. The first part of your order is the design stage. You’ll let us know what you want and we will create a preview for you to look at before work begins. More often than not, we get it right the first time with our branded speakers, but if there are changes that you want us to make before production begins, we will walk you through the process.

As all of our items are made to order based on your vision, we will never put through an item that you aren’t 100% happy with. Striving for 100% satisfaction is our game and we want you to be able to raise a glass to Dynamic Gift International in the end.