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We have promotional pens or a branded pen to suit any business marketing requirement. All of our pens are designed to perfectly compliment your branding, and can be combined with other promotional items such as USB drives, Lanyards, Notebooks and portfolios to make a great corporate gift pack. With a completely free mock up service and Australia's #1 lowest prices we are unrivaled on printed promotional pens and writing instruments. Browse styles below and simply contact us to the right when your ready to request a quote!

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  • Handy Highlight Marker-20
    Handy Highlight Marker
  • White Triangular Highlight Marker-20
    White Triangular Highlight Marker
  • Set of 4 Extendable Wax Highlight Markers in Case-20
    Set of 4 Extendable Wax Highlight Markers in Case
  • Wax Highlight Markers in Case-20
    Wax Highlight Markers in Case
  • Highlight Marker with Note Flags-20
    Highlight Marker with Note Flags
  • Casino Tri Highlighter-20
    Casino Tri Highlighter
  • Recycled Yellow Highlight Marker-20
    Recycled Yellow Highlight Marker
  • Set of 3 Retractable Highlight Wax Markers in White Case-20
    Set of 3 Retractable Highlight Wax Markers in White Case
  • Mop Top Doctor Ballpoint Pen / Stylus-20
    Mop Top Doctor Ballpoint Pen / Stylus
  • The Duo Highlighter-20
    The Duo Highlighter
  • Kids Activity Pencil Set-20
    Kids Activity Pencil Set
  • Metallic Full Length Pencils-20
    Metallic Full Length Pencils
  • The Beat Ballpoint Pen-20
    The Beat Ballpoint Pen
  • Fluoro Translucent Highlighter-20
    Fluoro Translucent Highlighter
  • Dart Pen-20
    Dart Pen
  • Hilton Pen-20
    Hilton Pen
  • Matrix Pen-20
    Matrix Pen
  • Star Pen-20
    Star Pen
  • Flag Pen-20
    Flag Pen
  • Super Hit Pen-20
    Super Hit Pen
  • Galaxy Pen-20
    Galaxy Pen
  • Dolphin Pen-20
    Dolphin Pen
  • Matrix Metallic Pen-20
    Matrix Metallic Pen
  • Jet Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Jet Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Trans Jet Pen-20
    Trans Jet Pen
  • Vista Pen-20
    Vista Pen
  • Avenger Highlighter Pen-20
    Avenger Highlighter Pen
  • Nova Pen-20
    Nova Pen
  • B-52 Pen-20
    B-52 Pen
  • Super Hit Frosty Pen-20
    Super Hit Frosty Pen
  • Spark Pen Light-20
    Spark Pen Light
  • Ace Pen-20
    Ace Pen
  • Matrix 360 Pen-20
    Matrix 360 Pen
  • Alien Pen-20
    Alien Pen
  • Electron Ball Pen-20
    Electron Ball Pen
  • Cleo Pen White Barrel-20
    Cleo Pen White Barrel
  • Cleo Pen (Coloured Barrels)-20
    Cleo Pen (Coloured Barrels)
  • Tech Stylus Pen-20
    Tech Stylus Pen
  • Sprite Stylus Pen-20
    Sprite Stylus Pen
  • Vistro Stylus Pen Classic-20
    Vistro Stylus Pen Classic
  • Vistro Multi-Function Pen-20
    Vistro Multi-Function Pen
  • Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen-20
    Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen
  • Athena Pen-20
    Athena Pen
  • Vistro Pen Translucent-20
    Vistro Pen Translucent
  • Vistro Pen Silver Barrel-20
    Vistro Pen Silver Barrel
  • Jedi Frosty Pen-20
    Jedi Frosty Pen
  • Jedi Pen-20
    Jedi Pen
  • Proton Pen-20
    Proton Pen
  • Vulcan Pen-20
    Vulcan Pen
  • Neo Pen-20
    Neo Pen
  • Atraxi Ball Pen-20
    Atraxi Ball Pen
  • Angelo Pen-20
    Angelo Pen
  • Borg Ball Pen-20
    Borg Ball Pen
  • Havana Pen-20
    Havana Pen
  • Havana Stylus Pen-20
    Havana Stylus Pen
  • Spark Pen White Barrel-20
    Spark Pen White Barrel
  • Spark Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Spark Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Spark Pen Metallic-20
    Spark Pen Metallic
  • JP024 Metal Pen-20
    JP024 Metal Pen
  • JP027 LED Light Stylus Pen Combo-20
    JP027 LED Light Stylus Pen Combo
  • JP028 Plastic Twist Pen-20
    JP028 Plastic Twist Pen
  • DJS 27 LED Light Pen-20
    DJS 27 LED Light Pen
  • DJS 23 Plastic Pen-20
    DJS 23 Plastic Pen
  • Assorted Colour Crayons in Cardboard Tube-20
    Assorted Colour Crayons in Cardboard Tube
  • 3 Wax Highlight Markers-20
    3 Wax Highlight Markers
  • P72 Highlighter Pen Combo-20
    P72 Highlighter Pen Combo
  • Promotional Banner Stylus-20
    Promotional Banner Stylus
  • D110 Plastic Tube Case-20
    D110 Plastic Tube Case
  • Gel Wax Crayon Highlighter-20
    Gel Wax Crayon Highlighter
  • Gel Highlighter Set in Case-20
    Gel Highlighter Set in Case
  • Christmas Crayon Pack-20
    Christmas Crayon Pack
  • Reindeer Christmas Pencil-20
    Reindeer Christmas Pencil
  • 2d & 3d Custom Shaped Erasers-20
    2d & 3d Custom Shaped Erasers
  • Plastic Clear Case-20
    Plastic Clear Case
  • Promo Half Pencil-20
    Promo Half Pencil
  • P180 Recycled Newspaper Pencils-20
    P180 Recycled Newspaper Pencils
  • Eco Mini Pencil Pack-20
    Eco Mini Pencil Pack
  • Pencil Tube Pack-20
    Pencil Tube Pack
  • P71 Pencil With Rubber-20
    P71 Pencil With Rubber
  • P183 Pencil Six Pack-20
    P183 Pencil Six Pack
  • The Skuba Pen Sleeve-20
    The Skuba Pen Sleeve
  • P60 Velvet Pen Pouch-20
    P60 Velvet Pen Pouch
  • Printed Banner Pens-20
    Printed Banner Pens
  • P144 Promotional Eco Pen-20
    P144 Promotional Eco Pen
  • Splat Highlighter-20
    Splat Highlighter
  • BIC Grip Highlighter-20
    BIC Grip Highlighter
  • Promo Heart Highlighter-20
    Promo Heart Highlighter
  • Mini Heart Highlighter-20
    Mini Heart Highlighter
  • Promo Mouse Highlighter-20
    Promo Mouse Highlighter
  • Standard Highlighters-20
    Standard Highlighters
  • HIghlighter Notepad Combo-20
    HIghlighter Notepad Combo
  • Star Highlighter-20
    Star Highlighter
  • Triangle Highlighter-20
    Triangle Highlighter
  • Two Sider Highlighter-20
    Two Sider Highlighter
  • Promo Dual Highlighter-20
    Promo Dual Highlighter
  • P111 Hollywood 2-20
    P111 Hollywood 2
  • P108 Hollywood Pen-20
    P108 Hollywood Pen
  • P154 DLT 2 Pen-20
    P154 DLT 2 Pen
  • P22 Orbit Pen-20
    P22 Orbit Pen
  • Eco iStylus Pen-20
    Eco iStylus Pen
  • P34 Dolphin 2 Plastic-20
    P34 Dolphin 2 Plastic
  • P109 Stylus Pen-20
    P109 Stylus Pen
  • P134 Pro Grip Pens-20
    P134 Pro Grip Pens
  • P121 Promotional Pens-20
    P121 Promotional Pens
  • The Lumina Pen XD-20
    The Lumina Pen XD
  • P48 White Barrel-20
    P48 White Barrel
  • Tekton Smart Stylus Pen-20
    Tekton Smart Stylus Pen
  • Tube Frost XD-20
    Tube Frost XD
  • Printed Builders Pencil-20
    Printed Builders Pencil
  • The Reef Metallic XD-20
    The Reef Metallic XD
  • The Reef XD-20
    The Reef XD
  • The Shark Metallic XD-20
    The Shark Metallic XD
  • The Shark Pen XD-20
    The Shark Pen XD
  • DPA6 Promotional Pens-20
    DPA6 Promotional Pens
  • DPA1 Promotional Pens-20
    DPA1 Promotional Pens
  • DPO4 Lanyard Pens-20
    DPO4 Lanyard Pens
  • DPA3 Tri Ink Pens-20
    DPA3 Tri Ink Pens
  • P95 Prestige Pen-20
    P95 Prestige Pen
  • Twist i-stylus Pen-20
    Twist i-stylus Pen
  • Smart Stylus Pens-20
    Smart Stylus Pens
  • Springy Pens-20
    Springy Pens
  • P55 Promotional Metal Pens-20
    P55 Promotional Metal Pens
  • P32a1 Dolphin Pen-20
    P32a1 Dolphin Pen
  • P168 Mirage Pen-20
    P168 Mirage Pen
  • P98 Hawaii Pens-20
    P98 Hawaii Pens
  • P32 Dolphin Pen-20
    P32 Dolphin Pen
  • P54 Concerto Pen-20
    P54 Concerto Pen
  • P28 Harvard Pen-20
    P28 Harvard Pen
  • P57 Manhatten Pen-20
    P57 Manhatten Pen
  • P97 Wooden Vogue-20
    P97 Wooden Vogue
  • Ball Pen Lanyards-20
    Ball Pen Lanyards
  • Daisy 5 Colour Highlight Marker-20
    Daisy 5 Colour Highlight Marker
  • Rubber Tipped Newspaper Unsharpened Pencil-20
    Rubber Tipped Newspaper Unsharpened Pencil
  • Styb K1 Highlight Marker-20
    Styb K1 Highlight Marker
  • New! Light Up Pens-20
    New! Light Up Pens
  • Car Pen Holder-20
    Car Pen Holder
  • Playtime Colouring Set-20
    Playtime Colouring Set
  • Antares Stylus Pen-20
    Antares Stylus Pen
  • Turbo Pen Mix and Match-20
    Turbo Pen Mix and Match
  • Atlantis Pen-20
    Atlantis Pen
  • Centaris Stylus Pen-20
    Centaris Stylus Pen
  • Steel Pen-20
    Steel Pen
  • Valencia Pen-20
    Valencia Pen
  • Remington Pen-20
    Remington Pen
  • Martini Pen-20
    Martini Pen
  • Super Nova Pen-20
    Super Nova Pen
  • Panama Pen-20
    Panama Pen
  • Arizona Pen-20
    Arizona Pen
  • Rio Pen-20
    Rio Pen
  • Seville Pen-20
    Seville Pen
  • Diplomat Pen-20
    Diplomat Pen
  • President Pen-20
    President Pen
  • Moritz Pen-20
    Moritz Pen
  • Flower Shaped Highlighters-20
    Flower Shaped Highlighters
  • Hand Highlighter-20
    Hand Highlighter
  • Set Of 3 Gel Highlighters-20
    Set Of 3 Gel Highlighters
  • Bubble Pen-20
    Bubble Pen
  • Fidget Spinner Pen-20
    Fidget Spinner Pen
  • Fidget Spinner Highlighter-20
    Fidget Spinner Highlighter
  • Recycled Paper Coloured Pencils-20
    Recycled Paper Coloured Pencils
  • Frixion Erasable Ball Pen-20
    Frixion Erasable Ball Pen
  • Frixion Erasable Clicker Pen-20
    Frixion Erasable Clicker Pen
  • Frixion Erasable Highlighter-20
    Frixion Erasable Highlighter
  • Wax Highlighters With Case-20
    Wax Highlighters With Case
  • Pen Box With Clear Lid-20
    Pen Box With Clear Lid
  • Nash Pen Stylus and Light-20
    Nash Pen Stylus and Light
  • Black Pen Gift Box-20
    Black Pen Gift Box
  • Black Flip Top Gift Box-20
    Black Flip Top Gift Box
  • Deluxe Gift Box-20
    Deluxe Gift Box
  • 7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen-20
    7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen
  • Small Felt Tip Pens-20
    Small Felt Tip Pens
  • Moscow Pen Box-20
    Moscow Pen Box
  • Clear Tube-20
    Clear Tube
  • Apollo Pen Box-20
    Apollo Pen Box
  • Crayon Set In Cardboard Box-20
    Crayon Set In Cardboard Box
  • Deluxe Velvet Box-20
    Deluxe Velvet Box
  • Frosted Pen Box-20
    Frosted Pen Box
  • Foldable Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Foldable Mobile Phone Holder
  • Syringe Text Marker-20
    Syringe Text Marker
  • Metal Pen Box-20
    Metal Pen Box
  • Cosmo Gift Box-20
    Cosmo Gift Box
  • Geneva Pen Box-20
    Geneva Pen Box
  • Chalk In Multicolor-20
    Chalk In Multicolor
  • Cardboard Presentation Box-20
    Cardboard Presentation Box
  • Deluxe 2-Piece Gift Box-20
    Deluxe 2-Piece Gift Box
  • Helsinki Pen Box-20
    Helsinki Pen Box
  • Leatherette Pouch-20
    Leatherette Pouch
  • Moscow Double Pen Box-20
    Moscow Double Pen Box
  • Promo Crayon Pack-20
    Promo Crayon Pack
  • Pen Stand w/ Stylus & Screen Cleaner-20
    Pen Stand w/ Stylus & Screen Cleaner
  • Fan-Tastic Pen-20
    Fan-Tastic Pen
  • P214 Omega Pen-20
    P214 Omega Pen
  • Flower Highlighter-20
    Flower Highlighter
  • P33 Dolphin White-20
    P33 Dolphin White
  • Supreme Pen-20
    Supreme Pen
  • Andromeda Pen-20
    Andromeda Pen
  • JP023 Plastic Pen-20
    JP023 Plastic Pen
  • P14 Promotional Pen-20
    P14 Promotional Pen
  • Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • LED Stylus Pen-20
    LED Stylus Pen
  • Nash Pen 2 Stylus and Light-20
    Nash Pen 2 Stylus and Light
  • New York Pen Box-20
    New York Pen Box
  • Aria Pen-20
    Aria Pen
  • Daytona Pen-20
    Daytona Pen
  • Madison Pen-20
    Madison Pen
  • Mondas Stylus Pen-20
    Mondas Stylus Pen
  • Symphony Pen-20
    Symphony Pen
  • Forya Bamboo Pen-20
    Forya Bamboo Pen
  • Flurr Bamboo Pen-20
    Flurr Bamboo Pen
  • Deyon Bamboo Pen-20
    Deyon Bamboo Pen
  • Opal Mirror Pen-20
    Opal Mirror Pen
  • Cardboard Pen Sleeve-20
    Cardboard Pen Sleeve
  • Sprout Pencil-20
    Sprout Pencil
  • Heritage Rimu Wood Pen-20
    Heritage Rimu Wood Pen
  • Cambridge Pen-20
    Cambridge Pen
  • Napier Pen (Black Edition)-20
    Napier Pen (Black Edition)
  • Bling Pen-20
    Bling Pen
  • Arrow Pen-20
    Arrow Pen
  • Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • Planet Pen/Stylus-20
    Planet Pen/Stylus
  • Calico Pencil Case-20
    Calico Pencil Case
  • CEO Stylus Pen-20
    CEO Stylus Pen
  • Regent 4GB Flash Drive Ball Pen-20
    Regent 4GB Flash Drive Ball Pen
  • Vienna Pen-20
    Vienna Pen
  • Jet Pen White Barrel-20
    Jet Pen White Barrel
  • Spark Stylus Pen Metallic-20
    Spark Stylus Pen Metallic
  • Vision Message Pen-20
    Vision Message Pen
  • Etna Pen-20
    Etna Pen
  • Curve Pen-20
    Curve Pen
  • Statesman Ball Pen-20
    Statesman Ball Pen
  • Lamy Logo Pen-20
    Lamy Logo Pen
  • Octave Pen-20
    Octave Pen
  • Concorde Pen-20
    Concorde Pen
  • Mop Top Ballpoint Pen / Stylus-20
    Mop Top Ballpoint Pen / Stylus
  • Fiji Paper Tube Pen & Pencil Set-20
    Fiji Paper Tube Pen & Pencil Set
  • Euroauz Eco Pen-20
    Euroauz Eco Pen
  • Duo Pen & Pencil Set-20
    Duo Pen & Pencil Set
  • Measure Stylus Pen-20
    Measure Stylus Pen
  • Vermont Elite Pen-20
    Vermont Elite Pen
  • Rockford Pen Presentation Box-20
    Rockford Pen Presentation Box
  • Avenger Pen-20
    Avenger Pen
  • Vistro Stylus Pen White Barrel-20
    Vistro Stylus Pen White Barrel
  • Phobos Floating Action Stylus Pen-20
    Phobos Floating Action Stylus Pen
  • Zola Pen-20
    Zola Pen
  • Eco Pen Highlighter-20
    Eco Pen Highlighter
  • Monarch Pen-20
    Monarch Pen
  • LED Torch Pen-20
    LED Torch Pen
  • Gemini Pen-20
    Gemini Pen
  • Beat Pen-20
    Beat Pen
  • Alpha Pen-20
    Alpha Pen
  • Script Stationery Set-20
    Script Stationery Set
  • Napier Eco Pen-20
    Napier Eco Pen
  • GM Stylus Pen-20
    GM Stylus Pen
  • Regatta Pen-20
    Regatta Pen
  • Supreme Pen Matt Gold-20
    Supreme Pen Matt Gold
  • Vistro Gift Set-20
    Vistro Gift Set
  • Omega Pen-20
    Omega Pen
  • Borg Pen White Barrel-20
    Borg Pen White Barrel
  • Neptune Floating Action Pen-20
    Neptune Floating Action Pen
  • Topaz Pen-20
    Topaz Pen
  • Nexus Multi-Function Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Nexus Multi-Function Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Exocet Flash Drive Ball Pen-20
    Exocet Flash Drive Ball Pen
  • Pierre Cardin Evolution Pen-20
    Pierre Cardin Evolution Pen
  • Miami Pen-20
    Miami Pen
  • Titan Pen-20
    Titan Pen
  • Bamboo Pen-20
    Bamboo Pen
  • Radiata Colouring Set-20
    Radiata Colouring Set
  • Bruno Eco Pen-20
    Bruno Eco Pen
  • Bamboo Gripper Pen-20
    Bamboo Gripper Pen
  • 6-in-1 Multi Pen-20
    6-in-1 Multi Pen
  • Touch Stylus Pen-20
    Touch Stylus Pen
  • Electra Pen-20
    Electra Pen
  • Mop Topper Pen-20
    Mop Topper Pen
  • Spark Stylus Pen White Barrel-20
    Spark Stylus Pen White Barrel
  • Atara Message Pen-20
    Atara Message Pen
  • Jazz Pen-20
    Jazz Pen
  • Candy Pen-20
    Candy Pen
  • Statesman Gift Set-20
    Statesman Gift Set
  • Turbo Pen-20
    Turbo Pen
  • Constellation Pen-20
    Constellation Pen
  • Viva Pen-20
    Viva Pen
  • Mop Top Junior Ballpoint Pen / Stylus-20
    Mop Top Junior Ballpoint Pen / Stylus
  • Monet Pencil Set-20
    Monet Pencil Set
  • Viva Bamboo Pen-20
    Viva Bamboo Pen
  • Stealth Pen-20
    Stealth Pen
  • Stockholm Pen-20
    Stockholm Pen
  • Panama Stylus Pen-20
    Panama Stylus Pen
  • Wedge Gift Box-20
    Wedge Gift Box
  • Corona Pen-20
    Corona Pen
  • Astra Phone Holder Pen-20
    Astra Phone Holder Pen
  • Europa Floating Action Pen-20
    Europa Floating Action Pen
  • Proton Pen White Barrel-20
    Proton Pen White Barrel
  • Blossom Pen-20
    Blossom Pen
  • Belmont Pen-20
    Belmont Pen
  • Napier Pen-20
    Napier Pen
  • Gemini Metallic Pen-20
    Gemini Metallic Pen
  • Chrystalis Pen-20
    Chrystalis Pen
  • Go-Green Paper Pen-20
    Go-Green Paper Pen
  • Helix Pen Stylus-20
    Helix Pen Stylus
  • MD Stylus Pen-20
    MD Stylus Pen

Set Ascending Direction

1-300 of 341

  1. 1
  2. 2
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Promotional Pens, Tried, Tested, Effective!

Dynamic Gift boast an enormous range of customisable corporate writing instruments, all of which can be customised to include your logo, slogan, message, and/or contact details, so they can be tailored to your specific business needs. We have stylus pens, printed or engraved metal pens, bic pens, plastic pens and a massive range of plastic and metal novelty pens.

If permanent ink isn't suitable we have a carefully selected range of promotional pencils.

In order to ensure you don’t waste your time waiting for a shipment that turns out to be not what you were hoping for, we will design your promotional pens, pencils, and highlighters for free beforehand to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product prior to committing to the order — something which is especially useful if you’ll be ordering at a large quantity.

A couple of stand out and truly clever pens we can supply include

  • Our builders iPen which features a measure, liquid level, screwdrivers and a smart device stylus.

  • Our LED stylus pen which has battery powered LED lights which are handy for blackouts, or writing in darker conditions.

  • Printed highlighters are a great alternative if your marketing arsenal already has pens and needs something a little different.

  • FriXion erasable pens from Pilot are a new type of pen which features erasable ink.

There is so many options to choose from don't forget to browse all of our categories and make the assesment for yourself.

A Myriad Of Budget Friendly Customised Solutions

Our catalogues feature something to suit customers of all needs and budgets. If you’re seeking promotional pens and pencils with custom designs for your business marketing and public relations efforts, our prices span from forty cents to seventy-five dollars per piece. For your classier clientele, our Sheaffer line also comes with laser engraving and tailored packaging to add a certain level of sophistication to your gifts. Regardless of who the recipient is, we can supply an item to suit them (we even have the entire BIC selection available on request).

It's a simple fact that everybody from your own employees to your potential clients and corporate customers are always going to appreciate a free product gift. By laser engraving or printing your logo and slogan onto one of our high quality writing instruments, these gifts are guaranteed to make the recipient remember your company for a very long time to come — especially if you choose a high quality item, as these will soon become their number one writing instrument, with them providing effective advertising for your company in a range of public areas if the recipient uses it when travelling out and about.

All our corporate pens can be combined with other promotional products such as polo shirts, uniforms, flyers, marketing giveaways and other branding items which can be taken to trade shows and business conventions.

Pen Customisation Tips

When designing your pencils and highlighters, we recommend including your telephone number and other contact details, such as your email and website address.

As they are being used by millions of people each day, these items can be far more effective than simple business cards when it comes to promoting your company. Whether they’re left hanging on a fridge, lying on a desk, or sprawled out across a glove compartment, these useful, custom items will help to advertise your business in a range of different locations, from morning to night.

Rapid Response and Delivery Times

We cater to all deadlines whether our clients are located in the Sydney CBD or the Port of Dampier. Our minimum processing times for promotional highlighters and pens in Australia are three days for blank items, five days for laser engraved pieces, and seven days for printed products. The actual time of your order may depend on current stock levels, however, so if you’re planning on placing an especially large order it’s always a good idea to contact us first to avoid disappointment.

In all cases, we will aim to deliver your promo gifts as quickly as possible through our wide network of experienced couriers working across Australia.

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