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A range of highly affordable plastic pens, branded with your logo in up to 4 colours. Or on some models we offer a full colour CMYK digital print of your logo. We also have wrap printing and full colour sticker options available. Don't delay, our pen range is made available to you in record delivery time, supplied with high quality ink cartridges and backed up by Australia's best customer service.

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  • Beat Pen-20
    Beat Pen
  • Gemini Pen-20
    Gemini Pen
  • Dynasty Pen-20
    Dynasty Pen
  • Adonis Pen-20
    Adonis Pen
  • Big Message Pen-20
    Big Message Pen
  • Spark Stylus Pen-20
    Spark Stylus Pen
  • Concorde Pen-20
    Concorde Pen
  • Nexus Multi-Function Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Nexus Multi-Function Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Proton Pen White Barrel-20
    Proton Pen White Barrel
  • Europa Floating Action Pen-20
    Europa Floating Action Pen
  • Astra Phone Holder Pen-20
    Astra Phone Holder Pen
  • Corona Pen-20
    Corona Pen
  • Arrow Pen-20
    Arrow Pen
  • Bling Pen-20
    Bling Pen
  • Candy Pen-20
    Candy Pen
  • Jazz Pen-20
    Jazz Pen
  • Atara Message Pen-20
    Atara Message Pen
  • Spark Stylus Pen White Barrel-20
    Spark Stylus Pen White Barrel
  • Viva Pen White Barrel-20
    Viva Pen White Barrel
  • Octave Pen-20
    Octave Pen
  • Topaz Pen-20
    Topaz Pen
  • Neptune Floating Action Pen-20
    Neptune Floating Action Pen
  • Borg Pen White Barrel-20
    Borg Pen White Barrel
  • Omega Pen-20
    Omega Pen
  • Hook Pen-20
    Hook Pen
  • Nexus Multi-Function Pen Black Barrel-20
    Nexus Multi-Function Pen Black Barrel
  • Zola Pen-20
    Zola Pen
  • Phobos Floating Action Stylus Pen-20
    Phobos Floating Action Stylus Pen
  • Vistro Stylus Pen White Barrel-20
    Vistro Stylus Pen White Barrel
  • Avenger Pen-20
    Avenger Pen
  • Vistro Stylus Pen Classic-20
    Vistro Stylus Pen Classic
  • Chrystalis Pen-20
    Chrystalis Pen
  • Gemini Metallic Pen-20
    Gemini Metallic Pen
  • Curve Pen-20
    Curve Pen
  • Etna Pen-20
    Etna Pen
  • Vision Message Pen-20
    Vision Message Pen
  • Spark Stylus Pen Metallic-20
    Spark Stylus Pen Metallic
  • Viva Pen-20
    Viva Pen
  • LED Torch Pen-20
    LED Torch Pen
  • Jet Pen New Translucent-20
    Jet Pen New Translucent
  • Mercury Floating Action Pen-20
    Mercury Floating Action Pen
  • Vistro Pen White Barrel-20
    Vistro Pen White Barrel
  • Vegas Pen-20
    Vegas Pen
  • Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen-20
    Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen
  • Titan Pen-20
    Titan Pen
  • Blossom Pen-20
    Blossom Pen
  • Gem Pen-20
    Gem Pen
  • Spin Message Pen-20
    Spin Message Pen
  • Edge Pen-20
    Edge Pen
  • Jet Pen Old Translucent-20
    Jet Pen Old Translucent
  • P121 Promotional Pens-20
    P121 Promotional Pens
  • Promo Dual Highlighter-20
    Promo Dual Highlighter
  • Spark Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Spark Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Neo Pen-20
    Neo Pen
  • Athena Pen-20
    Athena Pen
  • Spark Pen Light-20
    Spark Pen Light
  • Matrix Metallic Pen-20
    Matrix Metallic Pen
  • Flag Pen-20
    Flag Pen
  • Ball Pen Lanyards-20
    Ball Pen Lanyards
  • The Reef XD-20
    The Reef XD
  • P34 Dolphin 2 Plastic-20
    P34 Dolphin 2 Plastic
  • P33 Dolphin White-20
    P33 Dolphin White
  • Havana Pen-20
    Havana Pen
  • Jedi Pen-20
    Jedi Pen
  • Cleo Pen (Coloured Barrels)-20
    Cleo Pen (Coloured Barrels)
  • Nova Pen-20
    Nova Pen
  • Matrix Pen-20
    Matrix Pen
  • DPA1 Promotional Pens-20
    DPA1 Promotional Pens
  • P108 Hollywood Pen-20
    P108 Hollywood Pen
  • Vistro Pen Translucent-20
    Vistro Pen Translucent
  • Electron Ball Pen-20
    Electron Ball Pen
  • Trans Jet Pen-20
    Trans Jet Pen
  • The Beat Ballpoint Pen-20
    The Beat Ballpoint Pen
  • The Shark Pen XD-20
    The Shark Pen XD
  • Fidget Spinner Pen-20
    Fidget Spinner Pen
  • DPA3 Tri Ink Pens-20
    DPA3 Tri Ink Pens
  • DPO4 Lanyard Pens-20
    DPO4 Lanyard Pens
  • DPA6 Promotional Pens-20
    DPA6 Promotional Pens
  • The Shark Metallic XD-20
    The Shark Metallic XD
  • The Reef Metallic XD-20
    The Reef Metallic XD
  • Tube Frost XD-20
    Tube Frost XD
  • P48 White Barrel-20
    P48 White Barrel
  • The Lumina Pen XD-20
    The Lumina Pen XD
  • P134 Pro Grip Pens-20
    P134 Pro Grip Pens
  • P22 Orbit Pen-20
    P22 Orbit Pen
  • P154 DLT 2 Pen-20
    P154 DLT 2 Pen
  • P111 Hollywood 2-20
    P111 Hollywood 2
  • Printed Banner Pens-20
    Printed Banner Pens
  • P48 Plastic Pen-20
    P48 Plastic Pen
  • P72 Highlighter Pen Combo-20
    P72 Highlighter Pen Combo
  • JP028 Plastic Twist Pen-20
    JP028 Plastic Twist Pen
  • JP023 Plastic Pen-20
    JP023 Plastic Pen
  • Spark Pen Metallic-20
    Spark Pen Metallic
  • Spark Pen White Barrel-20
    Spark Pen White Barrel
  • Borg Ball Pen-20
    Borg Ball Pen
  • Angelo Pen-20
    Angelo Pen
  • Atraxi Ball Pen-20
    Atraxi Ball Pen
  • Vulcan Pen-20
    Vulcan Pen
  • Proton Pen-20
    Proton Pen
  • Jedi Frosty Pen-20
    Jedi Frosty Pen
  • Vistro Pen Silver Barrel-20
    Vistro Pen Silver Barrel
  • Vistro Multi-Function Pen-20
    Vistro Multi-Function Pen
  • Cleo Pen White Barrel-20
    Cleo Pen White Barrel
  • Alien Pen-20
    Alien Pen
  • Matrix 360 Pen-20
    Matrix 360 Pen
  • Ace Pen-20
    Ace Pen
  • Super Hit Frosty Pen-20
    Super Hit Frosty Pen
  • B-52 Pen-20
    B-52 Pen
  • Avenger Highlighter Pen-20
    Avenger Highlighter Pen
  • Vista Pen-20
    Vista Pen
  • Jet Pen Coloured Barrel-20
    Jet Pen Coloured Barrel
  • Dolphin Pen-20
    Dolphin Pen
  • Galaxy Pen-20
    Galaxy Pen
  • Super Hit Pen-20
    Super Hit Pen
  • Star Pen-20
    Star Pen
  • Hilton Pen-20
    Hilton Pen
  • Dart Pen-20
    Dart Pen

Set Descending Direction

117 Item(s)

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Printed Plastic Pens At Highly Affordable Rates

Welcome to Dynamic Gift, the best online source of high quality, tailor-made promo items. For a product that helps enhance marketing potential, why not try our range of colourful branded stationery? These printed writing instruments can be handed out to staff and clients in the office, at trade shows, and even at roadside booths to promote your company and offer the public something useful that’s also free! Australian enterprises of all types can benefit from our services as we supply you with first rate pens in rapid time at prices you will certainly find reasonable.

Superb Quality Printed In Our Facility

As we run our own manufacturing facilities, you can be sure that the look, feel and functionality of our writing equipment are all first class. When you buy from Dynamic Gift, you will receive top notch stationery suitable to be handed out to staff, clients and the general public. This setup also saves us from having to deal with external suppliers. Instead, we can produce a bulk shipment of plastic pens and deliver them to your company in no time at all. Forget the headaches that middle men can often provide and contact our production team directly today!

A Wide Range to Suit Your Goals

Feel free to browse through our selection of fine stationery. You will find that our products are stylish enough to be immediately snatched up by potential clients and are suave enough to fit in with your professional business image. Although our prices are relatively cheap, we still promise quality products which can be handed out in a range of different locales. Whether you are attracting new patrons at an exhibition or rewarding your VIP clients, our catalogues contain the exact corporate gift that you require. Please have a look through our listings and make a purchase today!

Unlocking Further Marketing Potential

As well as improving overall client satisfaction levels, these products will also offer additional advertising opportunities, getting your brand name into a wider range of areas. Our printed stationery will have your company name, slogan and logo emblazoned onto the side. Whenever someone takes out these promotional instruments to write with, they will then be reminded of your company. Those around them will also be exposed to your brand initiatives, allowing you to broaden your scope when finding new clients and widening your marketing potential.

Ordering Your New Promo Gifts

If you are interested in purchasing some of our personalised writing instruments, please make an enquiry by filling in the form on the right. If you are pleased with the rates we charge (all wholesale because we run our own facility), we will then create a 3D virtual model so you can see the end result prior to committing to manufacture. We can also create a small batch if you want a more hands-on first experience. If you are satisfied, we will create your custom pens and deliver them to your office in rapid time so you can finally hand them out to the public.