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When you need to impress clients. Reward staff or just promote your business in a more high end corporate fashion, metal pens printed or engraved with your message can be a key instrument in your promotional arsenal. Browse our range of engraved pens below and request a quote from us, we guarantee not to disappoint you with our record low pricing and 100% free mock up service.

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  • Rio Pen-20
    Rio Pen
  • Martini Pen-20
    Martini Pen
  • Smart Stylus Pens-20
    Smart Stylus Pens
  • P32 Dolphin Pen-20
    P32 Dolphin Pen
  • Moritz Pen-20
    Moritz Pen
  • Panama Pen-20
    Panama Pen
  • Valencia Pen-20
    Valencia Pen
  • Madison Pen-20
    Madison Pen
  • Havana Stylus Pen-20
    Havana Stylus Pen
  • P55 Promotional Metal Pens-20
    P55 Promotional Metal Pens
  • P57 Manhatten Pen-20
    P57 Manhatten Pen
  • P214 Omega Pen-20
    P214 Omega Pen
  • Diplomat Pen-20
    Diplomat Pen
  • Daytona Pen-20
    Daytona Pen
  • P95 Prestige Pen-20
    P95 Prestige Pen
  • P168 Mirage Pen-20
    P168 Mirage Pen
  • Remington Pen-20
    Remington Pen
  • Antares Stylus Pen-20
    Antares Stylus Pen
  • P54 Concerto Pen-20
    P54 Concerto Pen
  • LED Stylus Pen-20
    LED Stylus Pen
  • President Pen-20
    President Pen
  • Symphony Pen-20
    Symphony Pen
  • Turbo Pen Mix and Match-20
    Turbo Pen Mix and Match
  • JP024 Metal Pen-20
    JP024 Metal Pen
  • P32a1 Dolphin Pen-20
    P32a1 Dolphin Pen
  • Andromeda Pen-20
    Andromeda Pen
  • Seville Pen-20
    Seville Pen
  • Mondas Stylus Pen-20
    Mondas Stylus Pen
  • Aria Pen-20
    Aria Pen
  • Twist i-stylus Pen-20
    Twist i-stylus Pen
  • P98 Hawaii Pens-20
    P98 Hawaii Pens
  • Arizona Pen-20
    Arizona Pen
  • Atlantis Pen-20
    Atlantis Pen
  • Springy Pens-20
    Springy Pens
  • P28 Harvard Pen-20
    P28 Harvard Pen
  • New! Light Up Pens-20
    New! Light Up Pens
  • Super Nova Pen-20
    Super Nova Pen
  • Steel Pen-20
    Steel Pen
  • Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • P14 Promotional Pen-20
    P14 Promotional Pen
  • P97 Wooden Vogue-20
    P97 Wooden Vogue
  • Fan-Tastic Pen-20
    Fan-Tastic Pen
  • Ruger Steel Pen-20
    Ruger Steel Pen
  • Supreme Pen Matt Gold-20
    Supreme Pen Matt Gold
  • Dream Stylus Pen-20
    Dream Stylus Pen
  • Panama Stylus Pen-20
    Panama Stylus Pen
  • Vermont Elite Pen-20
    Vermont Elite Pen
  • Centra Pen-20
    Centra Pen
  • Touch Stylus Pen-20
    Touch Stylus Pen
  • Regent 4GB Flash Drive Ball Pen-20
    Regent 4GB Flash Drive Ball Pen
  • Bermuda Stylus Pen-20
    Bermuda Stylus Pen
  • Regatta Pen-20
    Regatta Pen
  • Vienna Pen-20
    Vienna Pen
  • Electra Pen-20
    Electra Pen
  • Jet Pen White Barrel-20
    Jet Pen White Barrel
  • Opal Mirror Pen-20
    Opal Mirror Pen
  • Alpha Pen-20
    Alpha Pen
  • Octane Pen-20
    Octane Pen
  • Constellation Pen-20
    Constellation Pen
  • Hamilton Pen-20
    Hamilton Pen
  • Miami Pen-20
    Miami Pen
  • Napier Pen (Black Edition)-20
    Napier Pen (Black Edition)
  • Napier Pen-20
    Napier Pen
  • Orlando Mirror Pen-20
    Orlando Mirror Pen
  • Turbo Pen-20
    Turbo Pen
  • Devo Pen-20
    Devo Pen

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66 Item(s)

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Engraved pens and corporate gift pens can set you apart

When corporations think of promo gifts, one of the items most often brought to mind is the common pen. Why are these goods so popular though? The truth is that simplicity is often the best solution, especially when reaching out to your clients. With our branded pens, you can give the public something they’re guaranteed to use and increase overall marketing awareness in the community. Dynamic Gift now has a range of stationery available at cheap prices here on our site. We can supply you with the goods you need to make an excellent public impression.

A Wide Variety of Writing Tools

We know the diverse range of clients any organisation has, and have tailored our selection of pens to suit different needs. From colourful designs featuring comfort grips to personalised metal fountain pens, we have it all here on our site. Thus you can purchase gifts to be handed out to VIP clients, given away at trade shows or put up as a prize in a competition. Our metal pens have been used by companies all over Australia as ways to improve client satisfaction and increase overall marketing exposure so why not try them for your organisation as well?

Onsite Manufacturing Facilities

Dynamic Gift is one of the few suppliers of promo items in the country who runs our own factory. This means custom goods such as our pens are guaranteed to be of top quality as we employ high standards each step of the way. From design to delivery, we ensure you get an end product tailored to give your clients the very best impression. As we run our own facilities, we can also charge wholesale rates as we don’t have to purchase from external producers. With our pens, you combine quality, reliability and affordability in our vast range of items.

Fully Tailor-made Designs

We also realise that you know best when it comes to the promo goods you hand out. Because of this, we allow you to buy products that come with the exact colours, images and slogans that you desire. There is no limit to what you put on the side of your stationery. Whether you want the items printed or engraved, we will do our best to meet your specific design requirements. In this way, you will receive an order of promotional goods that fits in with your brand initiatives in just the right manner.

How to Make an Order

If you are interested in purchasing any of these tailor made products, you can get a quote by filling in the form to the right. If you find our bulk rates reasonable, we will supply you with a 3D virtual model of the pens you wish to order. If your looking for something more economical then try our range of plastic pens. You can then tweak the design until you are confident that production can commence. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure these corporate gifts are just right for your business. To find out more about our ordering process, contact our team today!