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Naidoc GiftsWe have everything you need to give this years NAIDOC celebrations your own touch of customisation. Talk to us today about our deadly range of promotional items and merchandise. All designed to accept your custom message or branding. Or if you need something fast and effort free try our full range of in stock NAIDOC items.

We are offering the lowest prices in Australia on all indigenous promotional merchandise and we have an order now pay later policy for all government departments and organisations.

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  • NFL Balls-20
    NFL Balls
  • NAIDOC Twin Flags Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Twin Flags Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC 2019 Lanyards-20
    NAIDOC 2019 Lanyards
  • NAIDOC Microfibre Cloths 2-20
    NAIDOC Microfibre Cloths 2
  • NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee Package-20
    NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee Package
  • NAIDOC Boomerang Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Boomerang Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Gym Towel 3-20
    NAIDOC Gym Towel 3
  • NAIDOC Phone Pop Gripper-20
    NAIDOC Phone Pop Gripper
  • NAIDOC Torres Strait Islander Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Torres Strait Islander Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Banner Pen 2-20
    NAIDOC Banner Pen 2
  • NAIDOC Feather Flags-20
    NAIDOC Feather Flags
  • NAIDOC Koala Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Koala Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Stubby Coolers-20
    NAIDOC Stubby Coolers
  • NAIDOC Button Badge-20
    NAIDOC Button Badge
  • NAIDOC Turtle Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Turtle Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Folding Frisbee 2-20
    NAIDOC Folding Frisbee 2
  • NAIDOC Phone Pop Gripper 2-20
    NAIDOC Phone Pop Gripper 2
  • NAIDOC Microfibre Cloths-20
    NAIDOC Microfibre Cloths
  • NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee-20
    NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee
  • NAIDOC Platypus Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Platypus Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Lanyard Keytags-20
    NAIDOC Lanyard Keytags
  • NAIDOC Australia Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Australia Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Kangaroo Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Kangaroo Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Multi-Functional Bandana 2-20
    NAIDOC Multi-Functional Bandana 2
  • NAIDOC Stretch Zip Table Cloth-20
    NAIDOC Stretch Zip Table Cloth
  • NAIDOC Tri-Flag Lapel Pin-20
    NAIDOC Tri-Flag Lapel Pin
  • NAIDOC Temporary Tattoos-20
    NAIDOC Temporary Tattoos
  • NAIDOC Stickers-20
    NAIDOC Stickers
  • NAIDOC Plastic Boomerang-20
    NAIDOC Plastic Boomerang
  • Multi Colour Wristbands-20
    Multi Colour Wristbands
  • Custom Beanies-20
    Custom Beanies
  • Naidoc Tattoos-20
    Naidoc Tattoos
  • D69C Aus Aboriginal Flag Badge-20
    D69C Aus Aboriginal Flag Badge
  • Naidoc Australia Magnet-20
    Naidoc Australia Magnet
  • Calico Drawstring Pouch-20
    Calico Drawstring Pouch
  • Printed AFL Balls-20
    Printed AFL Balls
  • NAIDOC Serpent Tote Bag-20
    NAIDOC Serpent Tote Bag
  • Stress Footy-20
    Stress Footy
  • D15C Aboriginal Flag Badge-20
    D15C Aboriginal Flag Badge
  • Promotional Flicker Candles-20
    Promotional Flicker Candles
  • Naidoc Theme Caps-20
    Naidoc Theme Caps
  • Stickers-20
  • Calico Tote Bags-20
    Calico Tote Bags
  • Three Flag Magnets-20
    Three Flag Magnets
  • Calico Bag With Gusset-20
    Calico Bag With Gusset
  • Embossed / Debossed Wristbands-20
    Embossed / Debossed Wristbands
  • Custom Coffee Mugs-20
    Custom Coffee Mugs
  • Flip Flops & Thongs-20
    Flip Flops & Thongs
  • D42C Aboriginal Aus Pin Badge-20
    D42C Aboriginal Aus Pin Badge
  • Naidoc Boomerang Magnet-20
    Naidoc Boomerang Magnet
  • Calico Shopper No Gusset-20
    Calico Shopper No Gusset
  • Promotional Rugby Balls-20
    Promotional Rugby Balls
  • Naidoc T Shirts-20
    Naidoc T Shirts
  • Torres Strait Enamel Keyring-20
    Torres Strait Enamel Keyring
  • D01C Aboriginal Flag Badge-20
    D01C Aboriginal Flag Badge
  • Button Badges-20
    Button Badges
  • Naidoc Stubby Coolers-20
    Naidoc Stubby Coolers
  • D204C Torres Strait Islander Badge-20
    D204C Torres Strait Islander Badge
  • Naidoc Flag Magnet-20
    Naidoc Flag Magnet
  • Calico Bag No Gusset-20
    Calico Bag No Gusset
  • Feather Flag Banners-20
    Feather Flag Banners
  • Serpent Satchel Bag-20
    Serpent Satchel Bag
  • TSI Flag Keyrings-20
    TSI Flag Keyrings
  • D35C Deadly Badge-20
    D35C Deadly Badge
  • Torres Strait Island Magnet-20
    Torres Strait Island Magnet
  • Silicone Ion Watch-20
    Silicone Ion Watch
  • Snapback Caps-20
    Snapback Caps
  • Naidoc Aussie Magnet-20
    Naidoc Aussie Magnet
  • NAIDOC Wristbands-20
    NAIDOC Wristbands

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69 Item(s)

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NAIDOC Celebrations are Australia wide. And the core message this year is "We all Stand on Sacred Ground" Learn, Respect & Celebrate. The theme highlights Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people's strong spiritual and cultural connection to the land and sea.

We encourage everyone to use this as an opportunity to pay respects to our great country, and to pay respect to those who never stop working to preserve our great land, sea and culture.

Did you know that NAIDOC celebrations have been taking place since 1972. The message changes each year and reflects events and the changing dynamic within the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture.

Australian Indigenous culture is the longest contuing one on earth. The lifestyle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is linked directly with sacred places everywhere. Sacred places can be geographic features like a river, beach, lake or inlet. HIlls and mountains are also included and many ceremonial grounds exist too. Galleries of stone art and various etchings used when gathering for cultural practises.

Long before european arrival, these places had traditional names. Names that reflected the eternal relationship between the people and the land.

This year’s theme was also chosen specifically to highlight and celebrate the  anniversary of the ‘Handback’ of Uluru, one of these sacred sites, to its traditional owners on 26 October 30 years ago.

The National NAIDOC Committee encourages all Australians - young and old - to embrace the 2015 National NAIDOC theme.