Perfect Promotional Items For Marketing At Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup 2018 race is right around the corner, this race is regarded as the "race that stops the nation". Tens of thousands show up to the event and millions of people watch this race from home or at the office, with this many people looking at your custom branded products you can get BIG exposure and a huge potential for brand recognition. We won't be matched on price, quality or customer service! put us to the test today!

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  • Solar Charging Station Stretch Archways-20

    Solar Charging Station Stretch Archways

  • Promotional Flag Bunting-20

    Promotional Flag Bunting

  • Printed Polyester Lanyards-20

    Printed Polyester Lanyards

  • 3x6 Marquee Tent Gazebo-20

    3x6 Marquee Tent Gazebo

  • Stretch Pop Up Banner-20

    Stretch Pop Up Banner

  • PVC Bottle Opener-20

    PVC Bottle Opener

  • Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins-20

    Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins

  • Custom Tie Clips-20

    Custom Tie Clips

  • 100mm x 80mm PVC Card Holders-20

    100mm x 80mm PVC Card Holders

  • Soft Enamel Filled Medals-20

    Soft Enamel Filled Medals

  • Custom Shape Pullers-20

    Custom Shape Pullers

  • Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings-20

    Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings

  • Full Colour Stubby Holders-20

    Full Colour Stubby Holders

  • Printed Plastic Cards-20

    Printed Plastic Cards

  • Soft Enamel Lapel Pins-20

    Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

  • Lyon Flute 160ml-20

    Lyon Flute 160ml

  • Coloured Glass Plaque-20

    Coloured Glass Plaque

  • Stretch Zip Table Cloth-20

    Stretch Zip Table Cloth

  • Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings-20

    Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings

  • Custom Shape Plastic Cards-20

    Custom Shape Plastic Cards

  • 90mm x 60mm PVC Card Holders-20

    90mm x 60mm PVC Card Holders

  • Solid Glass Trophies-20

    Solid Glass Trophies

  • Pet Shaped Inflatables-20

    Pet Shaped Inflatables

  • 3x3 Marquee Tent Gazebo-20

    3x3 Marquee Tent Gazebo

  • Retractable Pull Up Banners-20

    Retractable Pull Up Banners

  • Custom PVC Keyrings-20

    Custom PVC Keyrings

  • Complex Cut Trophies-20

    Complex Cut Trophies

  • 3 Side Stretch Table Cloth-20

    3 Side Stretch Table Cloth

  • 100mm x 100mm PVC Card Holders-20

    100mm x 100mm PVC Card Holders

  • Printed Nylon Lanyards-20

    Printed Nylon Lanyards

  • Classic Bottle Opener-20

    Classic Bottle Opener

  • Washington Headmaster Beer Glass-20

    Washington Headmaster Beer Glass

  • Printed Plastic Pullers-20

    Printed Plastic Pullers

  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Medals-20

    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Medals

  • Dye Sub Lanyards-20

    Dye Sub Lanyards

  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins-20

    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins

  • Madison Wine Glass 425ml-20

    Madison Wine Glass 425ml

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37 Item(s)

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