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Custom Printed Ribbon

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Featuring your logo repeated along the entire ribbon length these promotional ribbon roles are perfect for your next corporate event or function.
Cut the ribbon at your next unveiling or present people with gift hamper that has your own personalised ribbon wrapped around it. Enquire today for a FREE Quote and a Virtual Sample

Custom Printed Ribbon

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Or for an additional $40 have your lanyards dyed to any colour from our pantone chart of over 800 colours.

Custom Printed Ribbon

Out of all the promotional items you can have printed, custom printed ribbon is one of the most popular. The reason why printed customisable ribbon is so popular, is due to the many ways printed ribbon can be used. Ribbon can come in various different widths, and you can adjust the length to suit the occasion. Not only can the size and shape be customised, but you can also customise the printing to look and say whatever you want. The colours, and even the shine of the finish can often be customised as well.

Using something like a custom lanyard for a business or organisation is great. However, there is a limit to their use. Sure, when it comes to the business aspect, there are many possibilities for products such as lanyards. However, investing in custom printed ribbon can give you the versatility of endless possibilities. You can use them for either company or office use, as well as various personal uses. Below is a list of various different ways custom printed ribbon can be used.

• Gift or package wrapping – Using printed ribbon for wrapping gifts or packages is just one of the many ways this ribbon can be used. For gift wrapping, the ribbon can be custom printed with a holiday message, your children or grandchildren’s names, or even a personalised message for a wedding or graduation. They can be used to help decorate wrapped presents, or they can even be wrapped around party favors or center pieces. You can also use them to wrap around business or company packages. This will help secure your company packaging, while promoting your business with beautiful customised ribbon.

• Competitive Events – After a competition or sporting event, the winner, or winning team is usually presented with an arrangement of flowers of some kind. The arrangement of flowers is usually decorated with a ribbon that states the winning place of the competitor. A beauty queen will be showered with a custom printed ribbon draped around her body, as well as flowers in her hand. Ribbons are also given out to recognize the winners of certain educational competitions. Such as spelling bee’s or math competitions.

• Premieres, Grand Openings, and finish lines - This is another area where custom printed ribbon is regularly used, but commonly overlooked. When someone is about to cross a finish line in a race or marathon, they usually run through a long piece of custom printed ribbon to signify official victory. And we have all heard of people celebrating the grand opening of their business or company by cutting printed ribbon with a giant pair of scissors. This is done at the grand opening of stores, banks, recreational parks, and much more. Custom printed ribbon is also commonly used at movie, play, or opera premieres.

These are just a few of the different ways that custom printed ribbon is used on a day to day basis. However, the possibilities definitely do not stop there. There is a wide range of occasions, and creative ideas that can put custom printed ribbon to good use.  Some people probably never even realize how many events, and occasions printed ribbon is a part of. For example, custom printed ribbon is also used to design disease awareness ribbons that people wear to show their support. So remember, due to the endless possibilities of custom printed ribbon, you can be sure it is always a wise and lucrative investment.



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