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Pens and keyrings are still great promotional products and while people still use them, most of us spend more time typing than writing by hand. Business cards and traditional giveaway items are still a good option if you want an affordable promotional solution, but they might not be your first choice if you want something more up to date. That's why custom shaped USB drives are a more modern option that can be the ultimate useful gift for customers, clients, event guests, and more. You can even combine USB drives with other items like power banks and key tags to create a great technology based gift pack. Enquire today for a no obligation quote and a free design proof to show you just what we can create using promotional PVC USB drives. Read More
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100% made to any size, shape and colours.

Our custom shaped USB drives can be branded with your logo or design. We create bespoke USB shapes so that you can give away drives that make sense for your brand. Our options include USB smart drives, standard USB drives, photo print drives and even special Christmas drives. Made from strong and durable PVC, we can create custom drives for you that allow you to offer something different from your brand. We make your USB drives to your specifications to create designs that work for your brand and meet your needs.

USB drives will be used all the time if you choose to give them away at trade shows or other events, or send them out to clients. Everyone knows the importance of backing up your files, and making sure your files are portable and shareable is important too. Using a USB can offer a secure way of sharing files with others, as long as you keep track of where it is. A USB drive is small and easy to carry around, or to store in a desk drawer for when it's needed. If you want to give away a promotional item that will be useful to anyone, a USB drive is a great choice.

Multiple chip types and USB standards available

We have both standard USB drives and smart drives. The standard drives plug right into any USB port. The smart drives also have a 5-pin micro USB at one end, with a standard USB at the other end, which means they can be used with a variety of devices. Both standard USB drives and smart USB drives can be custom made in the shape that you want to work for your brand. We have different memory capacities available too, from a small 128MB to a much larger 128GB. Smaller memory drives are fine for giveaways, but you might want more memory if you want to sell your drives or if you want them to be special gifts to clients.

You can also choose between USB 2.0 or 3.0, depending on how fast you want them to be. The microchips in our USB drives have a 10-year warranty, so you know that you can rely on them for top performance. Custom shaped USB drives give you the option to offer a promotional item that's truly unique and useful. So take a look at our choice of USB products today.