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Just some of the people that bring your promotional products to life!

Meet the key people you’ll be dealing with during your promotional item journey with Dynamic Gift.

  • Richard Perry Richard Perry Director

    With over a decade of experience in the promotional industry there isn’t much Richard doesn’t know about getting your brand in front of the right people.

    When not grinding away serving our clients Rich can be found looking after his cows (Yes he owns real cows) and motorbike riding in the local state forests.

    Hobbies: Motorbikes, cars, fitness, anything petrol!

    Favourite Promo Product: Giant Inflatables.

    Favourite Movie: Back To The Future.

    Hidden Talent: Average at everything.

  • James Perry James Perry Finance Manager

    In charge of crossing the T's and dotting the I's James is the man with the cheque book in charge of overseeing all aspects of accounts payable and receivable.

    James has many hobbies including jet skiing, drone flying and live steam.

    Hobbies: Scale modelling, jet skiing, ultralight flying.

    Favourite Promo Product: Branded marquees.

    Favourite Movie: Deadpool.

    Hidden Talent: Amateur stunt driver.

  • Chris Trembath Chris Trembath Design Manager

    In charge of all things digital at Dynamic Gift. During his days at the office wrangling our design department he manages to consume enough coffee to send an elephant into a spin.

    Chris has had many hobbies like motorbikes, spearfishing and various outdoor sports but the majority of his time recently has been spent with his new little baby and working on his house and gardens, even though he definitely isn't very handy!

    Hobbies: Motorbikes, scuba diving, running & cycling.

    Favourite Promo Product: Branded headphones.

    Favourite Movie: Blade Runner.

    Hidden Talent: Awesome lawn bowler.

  • Will Van De Lindt Will Van De Lindt Sales Manager

    Jack of all products and master of most. Will specialises in large consolidated orders with no product or client request too complex he has a can-do attitude and excels at not letting people down.

    Like most of our team Will is a petrol head who spends his weekends riding bikes, jet skiing and fitness training.

    Hobbies: Fitness, motorsport, scuba diving.

    Favourite Promo Product: All of them!

    Favourite Movie: Forest Gump.

    Hidden Talent: Can sleep through anything.

  • Jason Allan Jason Allan Senior Sales

    Jason heads up our expo display department, specialising in marquees, banners, signage and expo displays.

    When Jase isn’t busy taking care of your brand, you can find him travelling, photographing, surfing and making music.

    Hobbies: Travel, Camping, Photo and Videography, Surfing, Music.

    Favourite Promo Product: Stretch media walls.

    Favourite Movie: The Great Gatsby.

    Hidden Talent: Stage performer (yes really).

  • Felipe Hurtado Felipe Hurtado Senior Designer

    Resident graphics guru Felipe has probably been our longest standing design member. With a degree in design & communications and over 20 years experience under his belt in graphic design, animation and video post production he is well versed in all forms of media. Felipe is also a world class scuba diving instructor and has almost spent more time under water than on dry land.

    Hobbies: Scuba diving, four wheel driving, the beach.

    Favourite Promo Product: Wristbands.

    Favourite Movie: Alien trilogy.

    Hidden Talent: Speaks multiple languages.

  • Jessie White Jessie White Senior Designer

    With 6 years self taught + study of communication design and a lifetime of creative influences, Jessie will always take on a challenge, and think wisely in ways to make your brand stand out while adhering to your needs.

    When she's not busy creating designs for our clients she can be found immersed in one of the newest PS4 games, headset on, world switched off, or throwing weights around at the gym (she tries not to hit anyone in the head).

    Hobbies: Gaming, running, music, singing loudly and obnoxiously in the car.

    Favourite Promo Product: Banners & signs.

    Favourite Movie: Star Wars.

    Hidden Talent: Dancing (or so Jess says).

  • Ty Aurisch Ty Aurisch IT Officer

    Ty is our resident "tech guy" charged with making sure that our systems stay online and operational. Ty has a keen interest in motorsport, the beach, soccer, PC gaming and Subway.

    When not attending to the IT needs of our team he can be found at the track watching the drifting or down at Seven Mile Beach on the bodyboard.

    Hobbies: Surfing, cars, motorbikes & technology.

    Favourite Promo Product: Wireless Chargers.

    Favourite Movie: Tokyo Drift.

    Hidden Talent: So hidden even he doesn’t know what it is.

  • Meredith Heeley Meredith Heeley Senior Designer

    With a degree in Design and a background in marketing, Meredith is all about design with purpose. Starting as the Lead Designer for the Penrith Panthers, Meredith has since worked with businesses large and small, thriving on making brands shine across multiple industries & platforms.

    Hobbies: Waterskiing & boat days with the kiddies.

    Favourite Promo Product: Lapel Pins.

    Favourite Movie: Forrest Gump.

    Hidden Talent: Hand-drawn illustration.

  • Mitch Fraser Mitch Fraser Senior Sales

    With over 15 years of b2b client sales experience Mitch specializes in building long term relations with all of his clients, and understand the importance of his customers needs and requirements.

    When Mitch isn’t answering the phone and emails you can find him training to compete in the Australian Downhill Mountain Biking Championships.

    Hobbies: Mountain biking, fitness and motorsport.

    Favourite Promo Product: USB flash drives.

    Favourite Movie: Nitro Circus, Action Figures and Gamble.

    Hidden Talent: Walking away unhurt after hitting trees.