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We offer a vast range of eco promotional items designed to reduce our footprint on the planet while promoting your brand at the same time. These items vary from recycled plastic products, items that reduce the need for disposable products and help to reduce waste and items that just remind people to take care of the planet. Talk to us and request a quick quote, our team are on standby to provide you with a 100% FREE, no obligation quote and free virtual mock up.

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  • Folding Cardboard Pen Holder-20
    Folding Cardboard Pen Holder
  • Wooden USB Peg Drive-20
    Wooden USB Peg Drive
  • Eco iStylus Pen-20
    Eco iStylus Pen
  • USB Wood Necklace-20
    USB Wood Necklace
  • USB Wood Pen Drive-20
    USB Wood Pen Drive
  • The Swag Stationery Kit-20
    The Swag Stationery Kit
  • Sticky Note Pen Combo-20
    Sticky Note Pen Combo
  • HDP USB Pill Drive-20
    HDP USB Pill Drive
  • USB Wood Chip Slider-20
    USB Wood Chip Slider
  • Recycled Pencil Sharpener-20
    Recycled Pencil Sharpener
  • Recycled Paper Coloured Pencils-20
    Recycled Paper Coloured Pencils
  • 5 or 10 Seed Stick Pack-20
    5 or 10 Seed Stick Pack
  • Pencil Tube Pack-20
    Pencil Tube Pack
  • USB Eco Wood Rectangle-20
    USB Eco Wood Rectangle
  • USB Wood Key-20
    USB Wood Key
  • USB Corked Jar Drive-20
    USB Corked Jar Drive
  • HDP USB Square Drive-20
    HDP USB Square Drive
  • USB Cork Bottle-20
    USB Cork Bottle
  • USB Wood Eco Drive 1-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive 1
  • Mini Desk Caddy-20
    Mini Desk Caddy
  • HDP Blocko USB-20
    HDP Blocko USB
  • Wood USB Dice Drive-20
    Wood USB Dice Drive
  • Recycled 30cm Ruler-20
    Recycled 30cm Ruler
  • Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen-20
    Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen
  • USB Full Wood Swivel-20
    USB Full Wood Swivel
  • P144 Promotional Eco Pen-20
    P144 Promotional Eco Pen
  • Eco USB Kinetic-20
    Eco USB Kinetic
  • USB Eco Wood Card-20
    USB Eco Wood Card
  • Promo Wood YoYo-20
    Promo Wood YoYo
  • HDP Mini USB Card-20
    HDP Mini USB Card
  • USB Cork Drive 2-20
    USB Cork Drive 2
  • Recycled Cardboard Note Pad-20
    Recycled Cardboard Note Pad
  • USB Wood Eco Drive Round-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive Round
  • USB Wood Book Drive-20
    USB Wood Book Drive
  • Tubular Cork Lanyards-20
    Tubular Cork Lanyards
  • Lucca Cooler Bag-20
    Lucca Cooler Bag
  • Wooden Cube Robot-20
    Wooden Cube Robot
  • Villa Serving Board-20
    Villa Serving Board
  • Estate Serving Board-20
    Estate Serving Board
  • Slate Serving Board-20
    Slate Serving Board
  • Homestead Serving Board-20
    Homestead Serving Board
  • Fiji Paper Tube Pen & Pencil Set-20
    Fiji Paper Tube Pen & Pencil Set
  • Planet Pen/Stylus-20
    Planet Pen/Stylus
  • Chic Water Bottle-20
    Chic Water Bottle
  • Biopot-20
  • Ecopot-20
  • Seedpot-20
  • Custom Cardboard Boombox-20
    Custom Cardboard Boombox
  • Karma Reusable Food Pouch-20
    Karma Reusable Food Pouch
  • Jamison Cheeseboard & Knife Set-20
    Jamison Cheeseboard & Knife Set
  • Karma Reusable Snack Pouch-20
    Karma Reusable Snack Pouch
  • Monet Pencil Set-20
    Monet Pencil Set
  • Premium Juco Tote-20
    Premium Juco Tote
  • Karma Reusable Food Wrap-20
    Karma Reusable Food Wrap
  • Tourer Pencil Set-20
    Tourer Pencil Set
  • Script Stationery Set-20
    Script Stationery Set
  • Cotton & Cork Drawstring Bag-20
    Cotton & Cork Drawstring Bag
  • Vidalia Notebook-20
    Vidalia Notebook
  • Fredonia Notebook-20
    Fredonia Notebook
  • Go-Green Paper Pen-20
    Go-Green Paper Pen
  • Carlton Notebook-20
    Carlton Notebook
  • Eco Desktop Handy-20
    Eco Desktop Handy
  • Aria Recycled Notebook-20
    Aria Recycled Notebook
  • Small Tuck Journal Book-20
    Small Tuck Journal Book
  • Large Tuck Journal Book-20
    Large Tuck Journal Book
  • Recycled Pocket Notebook-20
    Recycled Pocket Notebook
  • Recycled Journal Book-20
    Recycled Journal Book
  • The Eco Perfect Bound Notebook w/ Pen-20
    The Eco Perfect Bound Notebook w/ Pen
  • Enviro Recycled Notebook-20
    Enviro Recycled Notebook
  • The Eco Spiral Notebook w/ Pen-20
    The Eco Spiral Notebook w/ Pen
  • Gaia Branded Tote Bag-20
    Gaia Branded Tote Bag
  • Eco Pen & Pencil Set-20
    Eco Pen & Pencil Set
  • Recycled Paper Notebook-20
    Recycled Paper Notebook
  • Enviro Folder w/ Pen-20
    Enviro Folder w/ Pen
  • Bamboo Eco Notebook-20
    Bamboo Eco Notebook
  • Foldable Fans-20
    Foldable Fans
  • Recycled 5oz Cotton Twill Tote-20
    Recycled 5oz Cotton Twill Tote
  • Eco Friendly Sun Visors-20
    Eco Friendly Sun Visors
  • Women's Organic Slub Crew Neck-20
    Women's Organic Slub Crew Neck
  • Men's Organic Slub Crew Neck-20
    Men's Organic Slub Crew Neck
  • Blast Eco Pen-20
    Blast Eco Pen
  • Euroauz Eco Pen-20
    Euroauz Eco Pen
  • Radiata Colouring Set-20
    Radiata Colouring Set
  • Bruno Eco Pen-20
    Bruno Eco Pen
  • Car Tidy-20
    Car Tidy
  • Rio Grande Recycled Notebook-20
    Rio Grande Recycled Notebook
  • Eco Writing Set-20
    Eco Writing Set
  • Promotional Golfers Towels-20
    Promotional Golfers Towels
  • Bamboo Sandwich Box-20
    Bamboo Sandwich Box
  • Wooden Heat Stamped Coasters-20
    Wooden Heat Stamped Coasters
  • Bodhi Cooler Bag-20
    Bodhi Cooler Bag
  • Asana Cooler Bag-20
    Asana Cooler Bag
  • Thermo Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle-20
    Thermo Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle
  • P97 Wooden Vogue-20
    P97 Wooden Vogue
  • 750ml Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle-20
    750ml Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Wood Slide Box-20
    Wood Slide Box
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle-20
    Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Heritage Rimu Wood Pen-20
    Heritage Rimu Wood Pen
  • Sorento Water Pouch-20
    Sorento Water Pouch
  • Bamboo Pen-20
    Bamboo Pen
  • Wooden Wine Box-20
    Wooden Wine Box
  • Cork & Fiberboard Square Beverage Coaster-20
    Cork & Fiberboard Square Beverage Coaster
  • Round Cork Beverage Coaster-20
    Round Cork Beverage Coaster
  • Carmel Mug & Saucer-20
    Carmel Mug & Saucer
  • Wooden Hairbrush-20
    Wooden Hairbrush
  • House of Cheese-20
    House of Cheese
  • Carmel Mug & Saucer Set-20
    Carmel Mug & Saucer Set
  • Bamboo Cheese Board Set-20
    Bamboo Cheese Board Set
  • Eco-Mug-20
  • 5 Piece Wooden Cheese Board Set-20
    5 Piece Wooden Cheese Board Set
  • Nature Writer-20
    Nature Writer
  • Woodtone Everest Tumbler-20
    Woodtone Everest Tumbler
  • Party Plate-20
    Party Plate
  • Wooden Cheese Board Set-20
    Wooden Cheese Board Set
  • Bamboo Gripper Pen-20
    Bamboo Gripper Pen
  • Jumbo Party Plate-20
    Jumbo Party Plate
  • Promotional Bamboo Notebook-20
    Promotional Bamboo Notebook
  • Amazon Notebook-20
    Amazon Notebook
  • 100% Recycled Earth Friendly Fabric Cap-20
    100% Recycled Earth Friendly Fabric Cap
  • Savannah Pen in Box-20
    Savannah Pen in Box
  • Toothpick Flags-20
    Toothpick Flags
  • Organic Cotton Cap-20
    Organic Cotton Cap
  • Snack-Rack-20
  • Paper Straw-20
    Paper Straw
  • Crescent Wine Holder-20
    Crescent Wine Holder
  • 100% Recycled Fabric Caps-20
    100% Recycled Fabric Caps
  • Duo Pen & Pencil Set-20
    Duo Pen & Pencil Set
  • Top Chop-20
    Top Chop
  • Stone Paper Notebook-20
    Stone Paper Notebook
  • Enviro Notepad Large A5, Natural-20
    Enviro Notepad Large A5, Natural
  • Deyon Bamboo Pen-20
    Deyon Bamboo Pen
  • Le Gourmet-20
    Le Gourmet
  • The Big Cheese-20
    The Big Cheese
  • Flurr Bamboo Pen-20
    Flurr Bamboo Pen
  • Plantation Pen-20
    Plantation Pen
  • Brunswick Coaster Set-20
    Brunswick Coaster Set
  • Forya Bamboo Pen-20
    Forya Bamboo Pen
  • Share Plate-20
    Share Plate
  • Bamboo Travel Mug-20
    Bamboo Travel Mug
  • Wooden Nail Brush-20
    Wooden Nail Brush
  • Oakridge Cork Coaster Round-20
    Oakridge Cork Coaster Round
  • Oakridge Cork Coaster Square-20
    Oakridge Cork Coaster Square
  • Branded Tumbling Tower-20
    Branded Tumbling Tower
  • Creative Sketch Set-20
    Creative Sketch Set
  • Recycled Stone Paper Notebook-20
    Recycled Stone Paper Notebook
  • Promotional Slate Coasters-20
    Promotional Slate Coasters
  • Envi A5 Recycled Paper Notebook-20
    Envi A5 Recycled Paper Notebook
  • Eco-Inspired Notebook With Pen-20
    Eco-Inspired Notebook With Pen
  • Kensington Cheese Board-20
    Kensington Cheese Board
  • Recycled Note Paper Mouse Pads-20
    Recycled Note Paper Mouse Pads
  • Envee Bamboo Mug-20
    Envee Bamboo Mug
  • Recycled Paper w/ Photo Frame Pen Holder-20
    Recycled Paper w/ Photo Frame Pen Holder
  • Frisbee Recycled-20
    Frisbee Recycled
  • Wooden Business Card Holder-20
    Wooden Business Card Holder
  • Deluxe Cork Coaster-20
    Deluxe Cork Coaster
  • Full Colour Cotton Tote Bag-20
    Full Colour Cotton Tote Bag
  • A5 Eco Notepad-20
    A5 Eco Notepad
  • A6 Eco Notepad-20
    A6 Eco Notepad
  • Stone Paper Notebook-20
    Stone Paper Notebook
  • Eco Post-It Notes Box w/ Recycled Paper Pen And Calendar-20
    Eco Post-It Notes Box w/ Recycled Paper Pen And Calendar
  • Recycled Wristbands w/ Bamboo Lock-20
    Recycled Wristbands w/ Bamboo Lock
  • Pictorial Notepad-20
    Pictorial Notepad
  • Corker A5 Notebook-20
    Corker A5 Notebook
  • Eco Cork Coaster-20
    Eco Cork Coaster
  • Metro Bamboo Coffee Cups-20
    Metro Bamboo Coffee Cups
  • Wooden Name Badges-20
    Wooden Name Badges
  • Wooden Power Bank-20
    Wooden Power Bank
  • Economy Plastic Name Badges-20
    Economy Plastic Name Badges
  • Oakridge Notebook-20
    Oakridge Notebook
  • Scandi Branded Note Pad-20
    Scandi Branded Note Pad
  • Napier Eco Pen-20
    Napier Eco Pen
  • The TR Wine Block-20
    The TR Wine Block
  • USB Wood Swivel 2-20
    USB Wood Swivel 2
  • 100% Recycled A4 Compendium-20
    100% Recycled A4 Compendium
  • Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB-20
    Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB
  • 350ml Eco Travel Mug-20
    350ml Eco Travel Mug
  • USB Wood Slide 2-20
    USB Wood Slide 2
  • Hemp Tote-20
    Hemp Tote
  • HDP USB Full Swivel-20
    HDP USB Full Swivel
  • Dye Sub Cotton Drawstring Bag-20
    Dye Sub Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Milk Protein Fibre-20
    Milk Protein Fibre
  • Recycled Jotter Pad-20
    Recycled Jotter Pad
  • Bamboo Fibre Lanyards-20
    Bamboo Fibre Lanyards
  • Kraft Paper Bag-20
    Kraft Paper Bag
  • Recycled PET Dye Sublimation-20
    Recycled PET Dye Sublimation
  • Bamboo Arms Malibu Sunglasses-20
    Bamboo Arms Malibu Sunglasses
  • Eden Glass Bottle-20
    Eden Glass Bottle
  • Organic Cotton Sandwich Cap-20
    Organic Cotton Sandwich Cap
  • Bamboo Polo Shirt-20
    Bamboo Polo Shirt
  • Branded Promotional Yo Yo-20
    Branded Promotional Yo Yo
  • Recycled Soft Mouse Pad-20
    Recycled Soft Mouse Pad
  • USB Wood Swivel-20
    USB Wood Swivel
  • Bamboo Ecco Kuppa-20
    Bamboo Ecco Kuppa
  • Printed Recycled PET-20
    Printed Recycled PET
  • Wireless Wood Charging Pad-20
    Wireless Wood Charging Pad
  • Cork Notebook-20
    Cork Notebook
  • Oakridge Drawstring Backpack-20
    Oakridge Drawstring Backpack
  • Wood Name Badges-20
    Wood Name Badges
  • Wooden Event Passes-20
    Wooden Event Passes
  • Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth-20
    Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth
  • Wooden Medals-20
    Wooden Medals
  • Wooden Christmas Ornaments-20
    Wooden Christmas Ornaments
  • Eco-Friendly Button Badges-20
    Eco-Friendly Button Badges
  • Wooden Lapel Pins-20
    Wooden Lapel Pins
  • Mojito Straw Set-20
    Mojito Straw Set
  • Calico Travel Pouch 2-20
    Calico Travel Pouch 2
  • Calico Travel Pouch-20
    Calico Travel Pouch
  • Gana Foldable Metal Straw-20
    Gana Foldable Metal Straw
  • Neveo Retractable Metal Straw-20
    Neveo Retractable Metal Straw
  • Calico Tech Pouch 2-20
    Calico Tech Pouch 2
  • Calico Conference Bag 2-20
    Calico Conference Bag 2
  • Evergreen Straw Set-20
    Evergreen Straw Set
  • Buzz Paper Straws-20
    Buzz Paper Straws
  • Calico Toiletry Makeup Bag-20
    Calico Toiletry Makeup Bag
  • Calico Toiletry Makeup Bag 2-20
    Calico Toiletry Makeup Bag 2
  • Calico Wine Bag-20
    Calico Wine Bag
  • Calico Shoulder Bag-20
    Calico Shoulder Bag
  • Calico Pencil Case-20
    Calico Pencil Case
  • Calico Conference Bag 3-20
    Calico Conference Bag 3
  • Silicone Reusable Drinking Straw-20
    Silicone Reusable Drinking Straw
  • Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw-20
    Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Straw-20
    Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
  • Calico Long Handle Shoulder Bag-20
    Calico Long Handle Shoulder Bag
  • Calico Earphone Pouch-20
    Calico Earphone Pouch
  • Calico Earphone Pouch 2-20
    Calico Earphone Pouch 2
  • Calico Conference Bag 4-20
    Calico Conference Bag 4
  • Calico 13" Laptop Sleeve-20
    Calico 13" Laptop Sleeve
  • Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Keyring Case-20
    Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Keyring Case
  • The Fizz Straw Set-20
    The Fizz Straw Set
  • Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Square Case-20
    Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Square Case
  • Calico Card & Key Pouch-20
    Calico Card & Key Pouch
  • Calico 15" Laptop Sleeve-20
    Calico 15" Laptop Sleeve
  • Calico Tech Pouch-20
    Calico Tech Pouch
  • Calico Conference Bag-20
    Calico Conference Bag

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234 Item(s)

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Complete range of eco promotional items custom branded

There are volumes of polls and surveys suggesting that consumers care about the efforts that companies make to help the environment. This is especially true in Australia, where the headlines are charged with rallying cries regarding our limited water supply, the perils of climate change and society’s need for more renewable energy.

Dynamic Gift understands that these issues aren’t only important to private citizens. We regularly receive enquiries from clients who would like to purchase Earth friendly products that they can incorporate into marketing campaigns and free-gift promotions. Needless to say, nothing is quite as satisfying as helping our clients increase their brand awareness while doing our bit for the environment at the same time.

We worked overtime to develop cheap but practical gifts with a distinctly green edge. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the products we’ve come up with:

  • Lanyards woven from milk-protein fibres
  • USB sticks manufactured from recycled materials
  • Notepad holders made from unbleached cardboard
  • Re-usable travel mugs

Any of the above could stand out as one of the most unique promotional gifts a person has ever received. Better yet, each can be purchased in wholesale quantities. This allows your company to project a greener image without going over budget in the process.

Gifts for CSR Initiatives

Plenty of research has been conducted on how important corporate social responsibility (CSR) is for 21st-century companies. One study found that nine out of ten consumers believe that businesses should weigh their societal impact against their own bottom-line interests. That’s a tall order in such a competitive climate, but consumers believe that the companies they buy from should be able to live up to these standards.

Ordering eco friendly products from Dynamic Gift and distributing them to valued customers is a great way to remind them that you care about the environment. Each of the gifts that we manufacture is designed to be printed with your company logo and a custom marketing message. Our product list includes wooden pens, bamboo clad notebooks and a host of other biodegradable office products. Any of these is going to be eye-catching in a sterile office environment, and could quickly become a conversation piece. When branded with information about your company, they serve as effective reminders that your company cares.

Have a look at Dynamic Gift’s range of environmentally friendly gifts and products. Many of them can be personalised and used as gifts for special occasions or rewards programmes. Likewise, most can be ordered in bulk at highly competitive price points. All provide a clear platform from which you can declare your commitment to reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

And that’s only the beginning. We also complete as much of our manufacturing as possible right here in the country. When your company purchases from Dynamic Gift, it’s also contributing to a stronger national economy. Consumers are eager to do business with conscientious companies. With our help, they’ll be able to identify you as a company that cares.