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Printed coasters remain a popular choice with businesses for a variety of reasons. The major advantage of using this promotional product is there is plenty of space to share a message with the recipient and all who see the coaster. With numerous different styles to select from, every organization should find it easy to discover a coaster that meets their needs.

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The Benefits of Using Promotional Coasters

Coasters have been used in homes and offices for decades now to protect surfaces from coffee or water stains. This is of great importance when wood furniture is predominant in these locations as this material is prone to water damage. The coaster also helps to prevent water marks created by hot drinks being placed on high gloss surfaces. However, these are not the main reasons why a business should consider obtaining these items.
The coaster serves as a conversation item every time new individuals enter the room when it comes with an eye-catching logo or design. If the newcomer comments on the coaster, the individual can share information about his or her organization and what it offers. Furthermore, the coaster may be used to promote a message or contact details for the organization with little effort on the employee’s part. There is no hard selling involved, but the person making use of the coaster still gets the information that is to be shared.

Various Uses for Coasters

Anyone planning an event for their organization should consider investing in printed coasters. By adding the company name, logo and/or contact information on the coaster, a business can ensure it gets plenty of advertising at the event. However, those making use of the coasters often don’t realize they are being marketed to as they are focused on other things that are occurring around them. They still see the coaster every time they take a drink and the information is taken into the brain as they do so.
Individuals responsible for hosting a conference or other event for their company should consider including printed coasters in goodie bags given to participants. The person receiving the bag appreciates the thoughtfulness of the gift, as this is an item they can use daily, and every time the coasters are used, the giver gets free advertising.
People often get frustrated when they are repeatedly asked for the wi-fi password at the office. Visitors, however, wish to stay connected wherever they go and having access to wi-fi is greatly appreciated. Don’t repeat this information again and again. Let a promotional coaster handle this task. The benefit of including a wi-fi password on a coaster is it serves two purposes. Not only does it share the wi-fi password and information about the company with visitors, it frees up valuable time on the part of employees who were asked this question countless times before.
Small businesses typically find they obtain a good return on investment when they provide consumers and suppliers with printed coasters. In addition, there is another way to get the word out about the new venture. Partner with other companies, ones that are more established, and share the coasters with them. Have them do the same so each party can advertise the offerings of the other partner without any effort on their part. Both businesses benefit in this situation, and the small business gets more exposure. Furthermore, customers of the established company are likely to trust the small business more as they know the business that provided the coaster and value their opinion.

Promotional Coaster Options

Don’t assume the only options when it comes to printed coasters are plastic and paper versions. These coasters may be obtained in a variety of materials. Choose from PVC styles, pad print metal options, full colour printed metal versions, bottle opener coasters, metal varieties, and a great deal more. In the event a business struggles to choose the right coaster for their needs, the team is ready to assist. In addition, we offer a free artwork service to ensure the perfect coaster for any purpose.
People often associate drink coasters with bars and restaurants, but any business can benefit from making use of printed coasters. Thanks to the low cost of this promotional item, businesses learn they can change their message or share information about a special or sale with ease. In fact, once a business discovers the return on investment they can get from this everyday item, they will be searching for ways to share these coasters with everyone. Don’t miss out. Your business benefits greatly when you make use of this promotional item so contact us today to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to help create the perfect coaster for your endeavor.

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