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Wholesale prices, fast delivery and legendary attention to detail all help to make us Australia’s premier supplier of printed promotional apparel so whatever you buy, we are sure you will be absolutely delighted with your order. Our range includes business shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, sweaters and flip flops so when we say there is something for everybody, we really mean it.

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  • Ladies Zen Tunic-20

    Ladies Zen Tunic

  • Mens Drill Cargo Pant-20

    Mens Drill Cargo Pant

  • Mens Drill Cargo Short-20

    Mens Drill Cargo Short

  • Womens Industrial Shirt Hooped-20

    Womens Industrial Shirt - Hooped

  • Day Only Squad Polo Short Sleeve-20

    Day Only Squad Polo - Short Sleeve

  • Day/Night Fleece Lined Zip-In Vest-20

    Day/Night Fleece Lined Zip-In Vest

  • 4008 Mali Tee-20

    4008 Mali Tee

  • MD Dye Sublimation Scarf-20

    MD Dye Sublimation Scarf

  • Dye Sublimated Aprons-20

    Dye Sublimated Aprons

  • Dye Sublimation Shirts-20

    Dye Sublimation Shirts

  • Blade Polo Shirt-20

    Blade Polo Shirt

  • Sonit Training Tee-20

    Sonit Training Tee

  • 64000 Soft T Shirt-20

    64000 Soft T Shirt

  • Noosa Premium Polo-20

    Noosa Premium Polo

  • Velocity Polo Shirt-20

    Velocity Polo Shirt

  • Micro Check Shirt-20

    Micro Check Shirt

  • Cuban Pinstripe-20

    Cuban Pinstripe

  • Union Hoodie-20

    Union Hoodie

  • Core Unisex Jacket-20

    Core Unisex Jacket

  • Glacier Pro Jacket-20

    Glacier Pro Jacket

  • Custom Embroidery Patches-20

    Custom Embroidery Patches

  • Mens Cordura Duckweave Pant-20

    Mens Cordura Duckweave Pant

  • Light Weight Tradie Shirt Short Sleeve-20

    Light Weight Tradie Shirt - Short Sleeve

  • Unisex Basic Polo Long Sleeve-20

    Unisex Basic Polo - Long Sleeve

  • Unisex Day Only Fleece Jumper-20

    Unisex Day Only Fleece Jumper

  • Custom Branded Suspenders-20

    Custom Branded Suspenders

  • 4017 Stella Longsleeve Tee-20

    4017 Stella Longsleeve Tee

  • Custom Volunteer Vests-20

    Custom Volunteer Vests

  • Neoprene Sunglasses Strap-20

    Neoprene Sunglasses Strap

  • Sprint Training Tee-20

    Sprint Training Tee

  • Promotional Kids Ice Tee-20

    Promotional Kids Ice Tee

  • Jet Short Sleeve Polo-20

    Jet Short Sleeve Polo

  • Civic Polo-20

    Civic Polo

  • Wrinkle Free Chambray-20

    Wrinkle Free Chambray

Set Descending Direction

181-214 of 214

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

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Tried and tested

Clothing printed with corporate logos and company names has been used countless times over the years by organisations of all sizes that wanted to raise their public profile and increase brand awareness. Even in a world where digital marketing seems all pervasive, it still offers a very cost effective way to advertise your company’s presence.

Long-term exposure

The great thing about shirts, pullovers and other garments that are decorated with your logo is that they will be seen by literally thousands and thousands of people over time and will therefore provide your company with a great deal of exposure for a very reasonable cost. A well-made t-shirt could conceivably be worn for many years before it is finally thrown away so the marketing dollars you spend today could still be working for your company 5 or even 10 years from now. There are very few alternatives that offer this length of exposure for such a small outlay.

Corporate image

In addition to making great marketing gifts, our branded promotional clothing can be used to create smart and stylish company uniforms, and our bulk pricing structure means that even personalised garments represent superb value for money. In today’s world of often overly casual business attire, a crisp, well-designed uniform can help to make your company really stand out from the crowd and reassure customers that you are very serious about the products and services you provide.

Complete flexibility

If you are looking for a garment that can be endlessly customised to meet your unique specifications, we can highly recommend our OEM dye sublimation polo shirts. The material used in their manufacture can be matched to any colour you wish and because the multiple panels can be printed from edge to edge, they lend themselves to a huge variety of designs. They are also available in custom cuts, including slim fit and classic, so whatever your target audience, we can supply the perfect garment.

Guaranteed to please

Because we offer all of our customers a free design preview, there will be no nasty shocks when you see the finished articles of clothing for the very first time. Each garment will look exactly how you want it to so you are sure to be delighted with your purchase. As a manufacturer rather than just a wholesaler, we are able to keep a close eye on every order from start to finish and ensure that it meets all your requirements in full.

We value your custom and will be very happy to answer any questions you have about our range of products so please call or email us at your convenience.