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Looking to display your logo during those warmer days? Staff, clients, volunteers and supporters can wear a custom branded singlet with your logo emblazoned across the front and back to raise awareness, or a printed singlet can be a great incentive gift or a freebie with other purchases for example many supplement companies will supply a free gym singlet with supplement purchases over a certain amount. Or if your holding an outdoor event or fundraiser then try singlets for some of your volunteers who have more physical roles during the day!


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    Athletically minded customers and clients form large audiences for a variety of products and services. Some of the services and products that can benefit from advertising directly to professional and amateur athletes in Australia are obvious. A manufacturer of sporting goods, for example, could absolutely benefit from creating promotional clothing items geared toward use during training. However, it's important to consider the fact athletes, as a group, are interested in more than just sports and athletic wear is now considered socially acceptable in a much wider variety of places. Printed singlets are thus a fantastic advertising medium for a wide variety of products and services.

    Who Else Wears Singlets?

    As noted, athletic wear has seen a recent surge in popularity. Now, everyone from construction crews and landscaping crews to moms out for walks with their kids on hot summer days can feel comfortable wearing singlets and tank tops. Promotional tank tops can be extremely effective as a marketing strategy for health-conscious people across an entire spectrum of careers and lifestyles.

    A Few Examples of Effective Use

    Promo singlets make great door prizes for outdoor events during the hotter months. For example, a company sponsoring a charity event, an outdoor family fun day, or even a concert in the park might want to give away tank tops to attendees as part of the package included with their tickets or donations.

    Companies sponsoring charity walks and runs find one great way to encourage repeat use is to incorporate the logo for the walk itself into the design. This encourages participants to be proud to wear their promotional gifts over and over, helping to garner extra recognition for both the charity itself and the company providing financial support.

    Some companies find singlets custom printed with their brands or logos make great gifts for employees as well. After all, company picnics are a great way to enjoy the summer months and increase employee satisfaction, and these types of corporate events almost always include a door prize of some sort. Branded tank tops are a perfect item to include in a gift basket for outdoor company events.

    Inexpensive Shipping and Easy Storage

    Singlets are lightweight by nature, making them less expensive to ship than bulkier clothing items. They are also easy to store and distribute. In addition to being more convenient than their closest relative, the promotional t-shirt, they also require less-specific sizing. That means a large stock of unisex singlets can be kept on-hand in the event that any particular size runs out.

    Choose the Right Style

    Companies specifically targeting athletes should opt for a training singlet or a flash singlet. Those who are aiming to reach a broader audience are better off creating branded tank tops since they are more versatile. Most high-quality tank tops are made from cotton, which allows them to be simultaneously inexpensive and durable.

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    Designing and creating customised singlets and tank tops is easy. Just choose a brand or product logo, determine the desired delivery date, and get a free quote today to get started.