Milk Protein Fibre

Milk Protein Fibre
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The fabric is made from milk proteins which are extracted from skimmed milk and then wet spun using a new bioengineering technique. Milk protein fibre is soft, smooth and comfortable. It is also completely unique and 100% earth friendly. Enquire today for a FREE quote and virtual sample.

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Product Details

Material information

Milk protein fibre fabric is suitable for more complex logo reproduction. Supplied off-white unbleached only.

Further information

The flexible, yet incredibly durable material that spiders spin out in order to catch oblivious flies and other hapless insects is one of the finest marvels of nature that has often served as both a representation of finesse and a symbol of dread in many writings. Spider-less silk is also one of the nature's most sought-after materials. And, now the manufacturer of lanyards; DynamicGift seem to be manufacturing it in large quantities for use in earth friendly lanyards, and by a most surprising method - in the milk of transgenic goats.

Spider web silk has an average tensile strength of 300,000 pounds per square inch and is both stronger and lighter than compounds based on steel or petrochemicals. The exceptional properties of spider silk have long been recognized. Experienced old fishermen in India have always appreciated its outstanding quality that has had a particular value in the production of fishing nets. American Civil War soldiers frequently used spider web as surgical dressing. The eternal problem, however, has been its dearth, from which stems the great interest of being able to produce it in sufficient quantities, perhaps the way the ancient Chinese learned to "harvest" silk from silkworms.

The next challenge comprises the procedure of pure silk protein extraction from the milk and its spinning into fabric by processes roughly comparable to the way artificial fabrics are manufactured from petrochemical solutions.

It is of course a bit early to know where this new revelation will lead however, Dynamic are confident it will have a significant impact on our environmental promotions and spreading the message about our planet!.

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