It seems like every few years, there are major trends that go mainstream then disappear. We've seen it happen with everything from social media apps to tangible objects. But, it's rare for such big trends to stick around.

When something that does catch fire quickly maintains popularity, it's worth paying attention. Such is the case with a fidget spinner.

These toys have blown up all around the world. From classrooms in America to souvenir shops in Europe, this tiny toy is something everyone wants to have.

Why not make it a part of your marketing plans?

This may sound a bit out there, but it's definitely worth considering. Here are all the reasons why you should make a custom fidget spinner for your next marketing campaign.

What the Fuss Is All About

What's the deal with this little hand-held device, anyway?

Well, these were originally made as a way to help promote a sense of peace and focus among young people. This idea was sparked when a woman noticed youth violence while abroad with her family.

Soon, though, these toys spread like wildfire. People of all ages were using them for many different things - to the point that some schools banned them because all kids wanted to do was play with their spinner!

Outside of an educational setting, these can be found in the hands of travelers on airplanes, business people conducting phone calls, and more. These tiny little toys provide more entertainment than one might think.

More so, the use of fidget spinners can take a company's marketing campaign to the next level. The following is a closer look at why this works and how to go about it.

Meet the Needs and Desires of Your Audience

Sometimes, the best marketing opportunities can be found in the most unlikely of places. Whether you run a law firm, a travel agency, restaurant chain, or a web hosting service, fidget spinners can work for you.

Seriously - everyone knows what these tiny little gadgets are.

People all over are using them and talking about them. They see these toys in online ads, in various retail stores, and even at gas stations. They may as well see a custom, branded one as part of your marketing campaign.

This puts a unique twist on a commonly-known item. It makes your company stand out as a fun group that is up to date on current trends, which is of benefit no matter the industry you operate in.

Not to mention, everyone could use one.

If someone already loves theirs, they won't turn down the chance to get another for free. If someone hasn't discovered the fun this toy can create, getting a free one from you is their chance to try it out.

Be Memorable Instead of Forgettable

Whether someone in your audience is getting a fidget spinner for the first time or adding to their collection, they are sure to remember you.

Think about it: every time a person uses their new, custom little toy, they will be reminded of your business. This keeps you fresh and relevant in their mind, even if this person isn't looking to purchase anything yet.

Then, when they do find themselves in need of your kind of product or service, your business will be the first one they think of. At this point, the spinner has heightened their brand recognition, which can often lead to stronger brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

All the Ways Fidget Spinners Can Upgrade Your Marketing

It's one thing to understand how these promotional items can be of benefit when used in your marketing plans. It's another to know how to work a custom spinner into the marketing plans you already have.

This is actually more simple than it sounds. Check out a few occasions when it works perfectly with other marketing tools.

At Trade Shows

When you go to trade shows, you don't go empty-handed.

Chances are, you've already got the basics down. You have branded canvas bags and stationery items, and maybe a few fun things like custom apparel, lanyards, and/or water bottles.

Add an order of custom fidget spinners to this list and see how well your table does. Everyone will be wanting to come around and get their hands on one of these, which gives you the opportunity to make the connections you came to the trade show for.

You can choose to hand these out or to include them as part of bags you pre-stuff for the event.

With Thank-You Notes

Another way to use fidget spinners as a way to get potential clients' attention is to send them as special gifts.

Did you recently have a great meeting with a possible investor? Did you just have a news team run an awesome story on your business?

Recognize such efforts and more with a personal thank-you note. These go a long way in the business world. Make them go one step further by adding a unique little gift with your sentiments!

As Part of Special Promotions and Sign-Ups

Giving out special, unexpected gifts doesn't always have to be as a way of showing thanks or offering praise. You can do this just because and still get amazing results.

Offer a free fidget spinner for people who sign up for your new email list. Do the same for customers who purchase a certain amount of product or spend over a certain price point.

You can even do a giveaway on social media with these little toys to significantly increase your following! These are just a few of the ways tiny gadgets can make a big difference.

Place Your Custom Fidget Spinner Order

Are you ready to see what fidget spinners can do for your marketing efforts?

Great - you just need to have these items in-hand and ready to go. That's where we come in. Our team of promotional experts can do everything from this tiny, unique tool to speakers and headphones to inflatable displays.

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