When setting the budget for an event don’t underestimate the importance of promotional products. It can be easy to assume that promotional products are just an extra so can be often be scaled back or cut altogether. However, this would be a costly error. When carefully chosen and executed branded promotional products can be the difference between the success and failure of an event.

It's not just about what you give away for free, it's also important to ensure the branding at the event is as strong as possible. A clever, creative sign or banner will help to communicate a clear message about your brand which will help to drive sales. Read our tips to ensure you use branded promotional products effectively at your next event

Carefully choose the freebies

Everyone loves to receive something for free but to ensure the product you give away receives maximum exposure and is used by the recipient select something they’ll find useful. The best way to do this is to research your client base and look at giving them something they need. However, don’t be tempted to choose anything too costly or complicated as keeping it simple is the key to success.

Think about presentation

Look at your competition and how they present their freebies. Do they give out a free branded canvas bag? Whatever you choose, ensure you give it an edge by using personalisation. This can be as simple as making each bag unique by printing a hashtag or relevant message.

Don't forget quality

Your event will directly reflect your brand. Therefore, ensure all your branded products are of the best possible quality by choosing a trusted supplier. It's not always just about price and instead you should focus on value. Don't forget, the items you give away for free will advertise your brand for their lift time so the longer they last the higher the ROI you'll achieve.