Businesses thrive on information and need a way of storing and transporting it. Therefore, it is hard to beat a USB flash drive in terms of practicality when sending out a promotional product. If a business or individual receives one it is highly likely to use it and pass it around for weeks, months and even years. Every time it is used your brand name will be on display making a USB flash drive an incredibly powerful advertising tool. Read our guide on why to use USB flash drives in your promotional activity

Will provide a high ROI

It’s when directly comparing the effectiveness of a USB flash drive with that of a digital advert that you’ll uncover it’s true value. The number of impressions achieved by a USB flash drive are potentially endless but yet you only pay for it once. That’s because a USB flash is something businesses actually need. In comparison a digital advert is unlikely to be passed around in the same way so, has a limited reach.


A potential client may glance at a leaflet before throwing it away but a USB flash drive is unique as it is likely to be used for months if not years. Every time a branded USB flash drive is used it’ll advertise your brand therefore raising awareness and ensuring your business is talked about.

Practical so useful increasing cut through

A USB flash drive is a mobile billboard and can be easily branded. If a client receives something personalised they are more likely to engage with your brand. All you need to do to personalise a USB flash drive is to simply edit the information stored on it. Even if your potential client only looks at the information once it doesn’t matter as your brand remains on the actual device so will continue to advertise your brand for an almost unlimited amount of time.