Many brands have identified the power of mixing tangible promotional products with social media to engage with their audience and increase sales. It is an incredibly effective marketing strategy, but it is important to understand how to utilise branded promotional products in this way to guarantee a high ROI.

However, it isn’t a strategy that will work for every brand so don’t be tempted to jump on the bandwagon unless it is relevant to your audience. With this in mind, take a look at where your audience spends their time. Also ask yourself if social media is the best way to engage with this particular segment of people. If the answer is yes, then follow our advice on how to build a cohesive social media strategy using promotional products.

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This is one of the simplest ways of using promotional products in a social media campaign. Although hashtags were popularised by Twitter they are now used across social media. They are undoubtedly an effective way of raising awareness and are a useful way to monitor who you’re engaging with.

There are two main ways to use hashtags. The first is to promise promotional products in exchange for followers sharing a specific hashtag.

The second is to print a hashtag on promotional products which will help to engage with people who aren’t yet following the brand on social media.

Use promotional products to increase your number of followers

Promotional products can easily be used as an incentive for social media users to follow a brand. It’s an incredibly simple strategy and adding a quirky spin can vastly increase the success of a social media campaign. For example, a brand could encourage followers to come up with an inventive caption for a particular image highlighting the brand, or followers could be asked to upload their own image including the brand, all in exchange for promotional products printed with the brand’s logo.