Who wouldn't notice a three-meter tall chicken with golden hair? Or how about a 20 -meter tall rubber duck? Or even a simple 10-meter version of your logo?

You want buzz to increase your sales, boost your visibility and help you hit your goals. You know that's not happening if your potential customers don't even know you exist. What if there was a way to "wake up" your potential customers by stopping them in their tracks?

That's the idea behind custom inflatables. They are bold, bright traffic-stoppers in a crowded market full of customers glued to their mobiles. They are Snap-story worthy, instantly Instagram-famous and Facebook-friendly.

Read on for some custom inflatables ideas to get customers in your doors.

Custom Inflatables for Business

When you think of inflatables for business, you probably aren't thinking of bridges and safety equipment. Stunt performers use inflatables, as do international shippers to stabilize the contents of containers. There are lots of inflatables in use by industry, the arts, and even the military.

The Australian mission in Antartica lives in an inflatable. Stadiums like the Burswood Dome and the Olympic venues use inflatable roofs. There's even an inflatable in space, part of the International Space Station mission.

You were probably thinking of giant animals, jumping castles and wavy dancers, right? Let's take a look at popular promotions.

Go Larger Than Life

"Without promotion, something terrible happens... Nothing!" P.T. Barnum

Promotions, are an effective way for you to market your business. Imagine your merchandise, scaled up to 6 - 7 meters high. That's a traffic stopper right there. Custom-created, realistic product replicas are always a crowd pleaser. Make sure your custom inflatables vendor can work with your exact specifications.

To build your brand, you want your product to really be recognizable from a distance. Your inflatable needs to really look like a glamour shot of your product. It's the biggest way to promote your brand and deliver a message, indoors or out.

Of course, be social media savvy and provide a way for people to snap a picture with your brand and share it!

Signs of the Times

Almost 2/3 of people shopping admit they purchase on impulse. Getting people into your business while they can be spurred is the idea. Point of Purchase inflatables call attention to areas that could use traffic. Mobiles, LED light-ups, point of sale displays and the like bring people closer to the merchandise.

How about some extra large directionals? Custom inflatables like arrows and signs direct motorists from the highway to your doorway quickly. Do something out of the ordinary to attract people to your location. This may be an occasion for the 16-meter chicken with golden hair.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's on message and bold enough to beat all the clutter.

For holidays, don't be afraid of rooftop and storefront displays. Who could resist a 4-meter tall Reindeer on a Surfboard? Santa and palm trees? Even a snowy scene all capture the eye.

As holiday spending shifts to November, it's important to grab attention early. Customers now begin and complete their shopping several weeks earlier than just a decade ago.

Put Sports Teams to Work

Imagine your favorite footie team working overtime to drive business to your door- for less than the price of a single radio or TV spot. What if every stadium flew your colors? Games and sports teams are big business.

There's a sporting event almost every week of the year. Build your promotions around theirs. Promotional value for sports teams revolves not only around their games and merchandise, but the off-site excitement for events and products surrounding the team.

You could have a promotion in the colors of the Wallabies Rugby Union this week, an Olympic promo, and cricket the next. Think of custom inflatables like structures and sports arches to promote your favorite sports. While you are at it, how about a personality or three like Syd, Olly and Millie to make an appearance?

A bespoke advertising figure three-meters tall? Stops people in their tracks. An army of inflatable wavy dancers with synchronized music? A show-stopper. A custom-made Hockeyroos Jumping Castle means people stopping and staying in your location. Make an emotional tug with kids to slow down passersby.

Create a Supersize Event

When you think custom inflatables, think B-I-G. You can have a branded inflatable tent the size of your carpark and an event inside. You can even create an inflatable dome to shade your whole building and seat every dignitary in town. The sky's the limit!

People love interactive entertainment. Give your promotion the feel of an inflatable playpark with large inflatable structures, play pens and sets. There are even inflatable mascot suits for your employees- and who can resist that Instagram opportunity?

The world's largest inflatable obstacle course is 272 meters long and was temporarily set up in London. It attracted several thousand visitors to Alexandra Palace in London over four days in August 2017. Think of what a novelty inflatable course could do for you.

Look at the Results

Building traffic with custom inflatables is about breaking through people's routines. Your giant product, marquee tent, signs, and things are there to shock and delight them right into your store and straight to the cash register.

Your own branded piece can be had for less than the cost of a radio ad or TV spot. An inflatable works all day and all night for very little money. You can capture even more eyes with social media call-outs and offers.

Your army of wavy dancers isn't exactly the Antarctic Expedition or the International Space Station, but it really is part art and science to run an effective promotional campaign. For more ideas, keep reading or contact us today!