Did you know that 81% of attendees at trade shows have authority to buy? So more than 4 out of 5 people walking around at the show are potential customers.

Your promotional materials can go a long way to build your brand recognition. What you don't want is for your branded items to ends up forgotten in a drawer. Or thrown out because they offer no value.

Make sure the items you give out are things people will use every day - especially in public.

Let's take a look at some of the coolest giveaways you can use.

Coolest Giveaways

The perfect trade show giveaways are reasonably priced, easy to pack, and, well, cool stuff!

Pens are the most used giveaway. Stand out from your neighbouring booths by offering unique items.

Here is a list of the five giveaways that everyone who visits your booth will want.

Cell Phone Accessories

Everyone has a cell phone. As a result, device accessories are a fun giveaway that will likely be used the second you hand it out.

silicone phone lanyard is a nifty little gadget that can fit almost any smartphone.

They feature a pocket on the back - super convenient for stashing ID or cash! Plus, you can order these in your brand colours.

Another option is a cell phone charger stand. These are useful because they allow the phone to charge without being thrown on the floor.

Microfiber Cloth

A small, soft microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning annoying smudges and fingerprints.

They are portable and can be used on so many surfaces. That makes this one of the coolest giveaways. 

Microfibre cloths can be used on phones, sunglasses, camera lenses, and tablet and laptop screens.

Best of all, you can order these in a pouch, in a case or on a keychain.

Green Products

Earth-friendly products are trendy and guilt-free.

These items vary from recycled materials to items made from sustainable sources.

Attendees will appreciate your efforts to take care of our planet. You could strike up a conversation about your business's core values as a result.

Green freebies such as a bamboo notebook or a wood eco USB drive are great choices.

Drink Bottles

This is one of the coolest giveaways that people will use often, and in public!

There is so much versatility with promotional drink bottles. From metal cylinders to folding bottles for hiking, there's every kind of bottle you could want.

Giving away eco products will help you join the push for greener living. Reusable bottles encourage environmentally friendly consumer habits. It's a win-win.

Tote Bags

Branded tote bags are a trade show giveaway no-brainer. They conveniently allow attendees to carry all the freebies they collect during the trade show.

These reusable bags are one of the coolest giveaways. People can use them again and again for groceries, gym clothes, or for a trip to the beach.

You can stuff your tote bags with extra adverts such as brochures, coupons or promo codes.

Tote bags offer large print areas that are perfect for your branding needs.

Buy Your Giveaways!

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