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Interested in T shirts? Great. Dynamic Gift has another edition of our super entertaining and informative ‘Product Showdown!’ where we pit the very best of our products against each other so you don’t have to. Pretty sweet, huh?

First off, we’re going to take a look at the classic Printed T-shirt. While a great design by itself, perfect for the everyday boring person, if you really want to turn the jazz levels up to maximum overload you’re going to have to throw a printed logo, brand or design on there.

‘How the hell do I do that?’ you ask. We’re going to have to ask you to calm down and just enjoy the ride from here on in. Please, there’s children around.

There’s a couple of methods we like to use for printing. Both offer differing value for different budgets. Our cheapest budget-friendly method would be the ‘one colour screenprint’. You get a fantastic looking design on your T shirt, with the ability to get your message across and your branding out of the basement and onto the street.

‘But Mr.Dynamic Gift… what is a screenprint?’ Glad to be of help. Basically it’s a screen with a cutout of your logo. Add a squeegee, some ink, some pure Australian muscle power and you get the final product. If we add a bit of wizardry to this process we can make multiple colour prints on the one shirt using this process.

For those of you with a higher budget or even higher dreams, we have perfected the illustrious art of ‘Full Dye Sublimation T Shirts’. No need to ask any questions, I’m one step ahead of you; here’s the explanation of Dye Sublimation taken directly from the archives of Dynamic Gift:

“A dyesublimation printer (or dyesub printer) is a computer printer which employs a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.”

Because of this ground breaking technology that some say was stolen from a super advanced civilization, we’ve unlocked endless possibilities of T shirt printing and an unimaginable positive effect on the market your brand will have with these gorgeous looking designs. Limitless gradients, colours, logos, photos. Seriously. There’s no limit. Send in 3,000 gradients and we’ll print it. (Please don’t send us 3000 gradients)

Now that you know about our printing processes, let’s take a trip to our two fantastic styles of T-shirts.

Our first contender is the classic T-shirt. It’s the popular kid that everybody likes, to put it into a thoughtful metaphor. A timeless design, it does the job of covering what needs to be covered and doesn’t care who knows about it. This shirt allows for some pretty super design positioning, and if you’re like us then that really gets the blood flowing. The T-shirt allows for more freedom of print area as the product has more surface area to utilise, and sacrifices nothing to do so.

The V-Neck T shirt on the other hand is a shirt more targeted to a specific audience. With a more modern feel to it than the printed t-shirt, the striking design of the open neck  is a  great idea for gyms, sporting stores and Albanian chest-wrestling world finals. Think you’ve backed the winner yet?

And the winner is…

The Printed T Shirt!
Because of its larger target audience, the classic design of the Printed T shirt is a sure hit for your company or business as it is sure to attract repeat ussage  with a timeless feel. Feel the supreme quality of 100% premium combed cotton and laugh in the face of anything of lesser quality.

Enjoyed the read? Awesome. What are you doing sticking around this long for? Go and grab yourself some shirts at the link below.  Like, right now.

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