Everyone loves getting something for free! Right? Well, maybe. It all depends on what that "something" is. If it's an item that's useful, clever, or cute, then people will embrace it. If you hand out freebies that are junky, or that the recipient will never use, they probably won't think too kindly of your so-called generosity.

We're here to help! Read on for some creative swag bag ideas that are sure to get everyone raving!

Tried and True

Let's start with the classics: items that are handy for just about everyone.

Pens and Pencils

There's a reason that so many companies give away branded pens: people actually use them!

Note Pads

Similarly, notepads are always put to good use. Even better are the adhesive ones. If you're already giving out writing instruments, why not add something to write on?

Stress Balls

When you see a squishable, squashable stress ball, your immediate response is to pick it up! This is another giveaway classic.

The Bag Itself

Did you know that just one reusable bag can be used 700 times as much as their disposable plastic counterparts? Reusable bags are one of the best swag bag ideas. Make sure to choose a high-quality promotional bag, which will increase the likelihood of its actually being used.

A Little More Unusual


Who can't use a spare pair of earbuds? Given how often they get lost or simply break, earbuds are always handy. This makes them a great item to include in your swag bag.

Cell Phone Stands

3/4 of Americans own a smartphone. So it's smart to give away a stand for phones. Putting your logo and/or company name on each stand makes for great marketing.

Personal Care Products

Lip balm, travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, or lotion are fantastic swag bag ideas. Or take it one step further and give away bath bombs and bubble bath.

Drinking Vessels

Reusable water bottles have been all the rage for years, making them a surefire hit. And with so many people on the go these days, travel coffee mugs are also superb swag bag ideas.

For an adult crowd, you can't go wrong with a wine glass. Corkscrews and fancy bottle stopper will be appreciated, as well.

Food and Beverages

Even better than mugs or glasses are edible giveaways. Candy is always a good choice, but consider sugar cookies decorated with your logo. These will no doubt have the whole conference buzzing. Although they won't last as long as a pen or bag, they make a huge impact in the moment.

Other food-related, super swag bag ideas? Try a coffee or tea sampler, a pack of gum or some mints, or an energy drink.

Virtual Swag Bag Ideas

One of the swag bag ideas that's gaining popularity can't be carried in your branded bag. Offer ebooks, discount codes, apps, and games. Special VIP vouchers or tickets to area attractions will also be a smash hit.

Wrapping Up

If you need to order promotional items for swag bags, let Dynamic Gift help you out! The ideas here represent only a fraction of the items we provide.

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