It's hard to believe, but six out of ten people keep promotional products for two years.

The possibilities are endless. You can give out branded pens or colorful bags, and people will keep them.

Still on the fence about passing out promotional items? You soon won't be. Check out these five reasons why promotional products work and why you should absolutely start using them.

1. Low Cost

Promotional products are a fantastic marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. It's simple and it saves a ton of money.

Even if you work with a lean marketing budget, look to print your logo on cheap items like pens and mugs.

The key is to use items that will provide value for potential customers, increasing the chance they won't throw it away.

Consider using branded USB drives. Customers will use them for a long time to come.

2. Expand Brand Recognition

Sending out promotional items also helps you increase your brand awareness. By having products with your information and logo around, they will be able to recognize your logo in the future.

3. Useful Business Card

Promotional Products Work

Promotional products work because they act as a business card with a purpose. Business cards introduce your business to people, but when you use promotional items, you accomplish more than just an introduction.

If you give people a bag with your business information printed on it, they will use that bag and further expand the reach of your brand.

Be sure to incorporate any social media campaigns you have going on with items you send out. If you send out mugs, consider putting a company related hashtag.

People will be curious and look it up. Encourage them to take a picture along with the promotional items and post it using the company hashtag.

4. Easy to Implement

Think you want to use promotional items, but afraid it might be too difficult? You'll be happy to know it's actually quite the opposite.

Do some research on available production and distribution options. If you're just beginning, pick a few items to run trials on.

You can assess what items will do best for your specific business. Maybe coffee mugs won't work, but water bottles will. You won't know for sure until you begin the process.

5. Customer Loyalty

Giving quality promotional items will also improve opinions of your business. If you consistently send out useful products that last, people will trust you in the future.

It may be tempting to cut corners and go with the cheapest option, but you'll only set yourself up for problems.

If you send out cheap products that disappoint people, you will just lose customers.

Start Seeing How Promotional Products Work

The power of promotional products can't be understated. Whether you're a brand new business or a multi-million dollar company, promotional items will benefit you.

Need some ideas for promotional items to test out? When you're ready to make an order please contact us and we'll help you get started! Or go through our website here, or email