Did you know that promotional pens have the lowest average cost-per-impression of any promotional product in Australia?

It's a mere 1/10th of a cent per impression.

That's efficiency.

And ultimately, that's what marketing is about - maximizing your return on investment.

Let's talk about why promotional pens are a superior tool for getting your brand out there.

Long-Lasting Impressions With A Promotional Pen

People inherently like useful things more than they like knick-knacks. They hold on to such tools, rather than dumping them in the trash can on the way out.

Pens are supremely useful in this regard.

Pens have been around for decades, but they still see use every single day, in every office and home around the world.

And that's why promotional pens are a crucial tool for getting your brand out there.

People will use a pen until they lose it or it's out of ink. And, as turns out, people often hang onto such items for up to two years.

That's two years of possibly daily impressions of your brand, on your target audience.

All for just a few pennies each.

How many times have you used a pen until it was actually empty?

Zero? Yeah, same here.

I often do lose pens, though. And that's okay because...

Promotional penPens Get Around

Where do those pens you lose go to?

I'm not sure if it's a pocket dimension or a pen-stealing goblin, but it doesn't matter.

Now your brand is being displayed there.

People often lend pens, others steal pens, etc. Whatever the method, promotional pens are an awesome advertising method because of their chain-reaction effect.

You target local audiences by handing out your pen. They lose it at work, let a friend borrow it, whatever. Now your brand's logo is being disseminated far from your initial point of dispersal - for free.

Promotional Pens Instead of Business Cards

Business cards are a staple of industry, but we are increasingly seeing that a plain paper card isn't all that effective.

In order to stand out and be recognized with a business card, you have to be really extravagant.

Pens are superior to business cards in this way. A regular pen is just as useful (if not more) than a more expensive, fancy pen. You don't have to spend a lot of money on pens to get something that's worthwhile.

In terms of information communication: pens are equally valuable to business cards.

What info goes on a business card? Name, company, contact info? Maybe a brief description of your services?

All of that fits on a pen just as easily.

Consider a Promotional Pen for Your Next Branding Effort

We've discussed several reasons giving away pens is a smart investment, but here's one more.

It creates goodwill.

Just like that foot-in-the-door technique we all know so well.

You need to build some initial rapport to get the ball rolling with a client. A small gift is the perfect way.

Then, capitalize on that momentum to turn a potential lead into a client.

Get a promotional pen for your business today.