From brand exposure to longevity, promotional products offer heaps of benefits for businesses today. However, this is only going to be the case if you choose a promotional product with care. You need a product that is useful to your target market, well-designed, stands out from the crowd, and will be kept in a prominent position. Promotional air fresheners tick all of these boxes, and more! So, let’s look at some of the different reasons why promotional air fresheners make sense for your business. 

Promotional Air Fresheners

They’re impressive and unexpected

When you think of promotional products, your mind may wander to branded pens, coffee mugs, and maybe even USBs. A branded air freshener is not the sort of thing that comes to mind straight away, is it? And this is one of the reasons why it is so effective. It is unexpected, and this creates a talking point. Plus, not only will a custom air freshener wow in terms of appearance, but it will also evoke your sense of smell. It captures attention in more ways than one!


Everyone needs one

When it comes to branded products, one of the most challenging elements is striking a balance between something unexpected and useful. Often, you can wow people with something different, yet it has no use! Fortunately, car air fresheners do not fall into this category. Anyone with a car is going to find a use for an air freshener. 

Plus, most people spend a considerable amount of time in their vehicles, especially if they have a lengthy commute to and from work every day. It’s our safe haven; somewhere we can be sheltered from the rest of the world, sing our favourite songs, and have a place that is truly our own. As a business, if you can get a bit of your branding into an environment like this, you know that you have done something right.


They can be produced to your exact specifications

Another benefit associated with promotional air fresheners is that they can be custom made to your specific specifications. Whether you want to have the air freshener in the shape and colours of your logo or want an image associated with the products/services you provide, air fresheners can be crafted to suit your branding requirements. Custom colours and shapes ensure that no one else has a promotional air freshener like yours. This level of customisation is not always possible with other promotional items. 

You can even have custom scents and flavours added to your air freshener. This can be a highly useful tool for a wide range of businesses. From companies selling diffusers and scented candles to those in the food industry, adding a custom scent enables you to take your marketing campaign to a new dimension. This will enhance the unique aspects of your promotional offering. 


They are visible

Car Air Fresheners

Think about where you position your air freshener in your vehicle. It tends to be hung on your rear-view mirror, right? This is not only a position that is visible to anyone in your car but anyone who walks past it as well. This means that the branding potential is limitless, as you never know how many people could walk past a vehicle and see your air freshener through the windscreen.


They can be targeted with ease

The great thing about promotional air fresheners is that you can easily target your campaign. The population of vehicle drivers is pretty broad, so if you’re looking to reach as many people as possible, this is a great solution! However, you can also target different segments of the population. Plus, if you’re involved in the auto business in any way, for example, you are a mechanic, sell car accessories, or provide alloy wheel refurbishment, you can’t do much better than promotional air fresheners. You know that everyone who is going to be using your promotional item could be interested in the services you provide. 


They’re easily portable

Finally, another reason why promotional air fresheners work is they are easy to transport and can be handed out at events with ease. The size, weight, and nature of the product mean that air fresheners are highly flexible, so you can efficiently distribute them in many different ways. This luxury is not always afforded, especially with big or fragile items.

So there you have it: the many reasons why promotional air fresheners make sense as a marketing tool today. If you are looking for a promotional item that will give your business excellent brand exposure, this is something worth looking into. 


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