It can be very frustrating to be at work or running errands, and find that your phone is almost dead. Our world is very digitally connected, and having your phone battery run down in the middle of the day might leave you stranded or lost without the information that you need as you are moving throughout the day.

If you want a solution to keep your phone charged at all times, then you should consider the benefits that can be achieved with power banks. These small tools are very handy and easy to use, and you can keep your electronics active throughout the day. Power banks can be used to charge anything from smartphones to tablets to laptops, and they will keep you connected to your email and Facebook at all times.

Because power banks are becoming more popular, some companies are using them as promotional items to give out to employees or customers. If you are thinking about getting a power bank for yourself or ordering a bunch of them as promotional items, then you are probably interested in some of the features that are available so that you can choose the best option. Here are a few things that you need to know:

Milliamp Hour (mAh)

This technical term is referring to the charging capacity of the power bank, and a bigger number means that the charger will last for a longer period of time. Your requirements for mAh will change depending on the types of devices that you will be charging and how frequently you will be charging those things. For example, if you have several members of your family that will need to use the charger throughout the day, then you will want to find the power bank with the highest mAh that is available.

Output Current

What types of devices will you be powering? Consider the power requirements of the devices that will be plugged into the power bank, and decide on an appropriate amp level for the power bank. If the power bank has a smaller output level, then it means that your device will charge slowly. Also, low output current isn’t always strong enough to charge a larger device, such as a tablet, when the device is in use. So, you might choose a higher output level if you will be charging larger items.

Standby Time

In addition to the amount of charging that is available, you also need to consider the length of time in which the charger will hold the charge even if it isn’t being used. Maybe you will have the charger on hand but only use it every once in a while. In this case, it can be frustrating to find out that the charger isn’t working when you need it because the battery ran down when it wasn’t being used.

If you are interested in having custom branded power banks made with your logo and company information, then we invite you to contact us today and we will gladly help you choose the best power bank for your staff or client needs.