Congratulations on finding this page. You’ve done well to come this far – how about you stick around and take a quick peek below at this fantastic review of our most popular Power Banks that we’ve shamelessly pitted against each other in a brutal and honest fight to the death, hand written by our new unpaid intern* in the dark corners of one of our offices?

*Just kidding, we do pay him. With kindness.

The world renowned, well respected product comparison also known as Product Showdown! open one of our many custom branded doors to the public and let the entire earth know of the differences in the Cylinder Style Power Bank when compared to our ever charming and successful Slimline power bank.

Shall we start? Great.

If you’ve browsed our hallowed pages on you will have surely come across our range of Power Banks. Their main function is to keep your technology functioning the way its meant to be – fully charged.

Ever been stuck on a train with your phone only to realise the battery has been mysteriously leeched by the ever elusive Power Fairy or God-knows-what? Without the handy use of a Power Bank you’d better be prepared to listen to the life story of the old lady sitting next to you, learning about her long-lost distant cousin Meryl’s favourite outfit for her pet lizard’s photoshoot next week.

Bet you wish you had that full charge from your Power Bank now, huh?

Now that we've covered the basics, let's move on to the more informative, juicy details. Are you still with me? Good, this gets real interesting

The first Power Bank to start off this thrilling showdown is what we call the ‘ Cylinder Style Power Bank ‘ named after its cylindrical shape and generally amazing capacity to keep your technology fully charged. The second we will look at is less creatively named ‘ The Slimline power bank ‘ but makes up for its loss of creativity with pure charging power. To turn this into a metaphor, this is an artist vs a mathematician. Let’s break it down a bit.

The Design:

In a nutshell there are a few factors that will affect the outcome of the Product Showdown! – one of these is the physical design of the item. If you’ve ever saved up a few pennies for that new iWhatever phone you will have seen the effect of fantastic attention to detail in the design and function of a product and how important the design is to the success of the item.

The benefit of the Cylinder Power Bank’s design shows how simple and easy to use it is while still holding a sense of style that is associated with soothing curves and perfect shape. Easy to hold in your paws and simple to store by stacking it on its end. Slight chance of rolling away if you’re offroading in a Jeep climbing the Andes at a steep incline – but hey, you’re gonna look cool doing it.

The design of the Slimline takes pure functionality to the next level. With its Spartan appearance, why would you need the corners cut off to make a cylinder anyway? Make use of that extra space inside that the curvature of the cylinder bank uses just to impress the fans, baby!

Fun Fact: The Power Bank first appeared in the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in 2001, a student pieced a control circuit with a few AA batteries together, and this event represents the power bank officially born.


These two products are our most popular in their field for a reason. They have just the right amount of raw power to keep the most popular pieces of technology charged and ready to go, and offer the best value for everyday users who just need their phones, cameras and tablets working. Not everybody has a Flux Capacitor.

They are both scored the same in this category, as they both have the capacity to charge at a rate of 2200mAh, and both take advantage of the same battery cell – a whopping 18650 cell, which is a little bigger in size than your standard AA battery.

The input charging time on these products are also identical, taking roughly 4 hours of input charge time.


This one’s pretty simple, and a little less balanced. The Cylinder Power Bank is the winner here but only just. Because it is slightly lighter than the Slimline power bank and it costs slightly less. Who’d have thought?

And The Winner is…

The Slimline! While the Cylinder Power Bank has a smooth design, the Slimline power bank ensures a timeless design and is easy to store and stack, with a great printing surface for your logo and tagline. With a good weighty feel in your hand it won’t roll away in times of great need, so you will have pure peace of mind with this amazing product.

So, how about you go take a look for yourself? We've done all the hard work for you! Hell, we're even going to provide you with a link directly to our product page. How nice is that? We know. Too nice.

The Winning Slimline Power Bank:

Grab your hands on it here:

The Cylinder Style Power Bank:

That's all folks, we've really enjoyed your company so far, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Seriously. We'll be back with another informative Product Showdown! next week.

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