The most cost effective way of building and shaping a brand is to use promotional products. Quite simply, nothing can compete in terms of boosting engagement and awareness. A well branded promotional product is almost impossible to ignore, especially if it is practical. If it is clearly branded it will advertise your brand for its lifetime and has the potential to be passed around a number of people therefore delivering a reach other forms of marketing can't match. However, the result you achieve will depend on your strategy and how it is executed. Once you've chosen a trusted supplier, read our top tips for ensuring a high ROI with promotional products:

Build A Profile Of Your Target Audience

This will help you to decide what product to choose as you will need to select something they will find useful. The branding will also be affected as you'll need to tailor this to your audience to maximise success.

How Do You Reach Your Target Audience?

Research the best way to communicate with your audience as this will have an impact on how and where you distribute the product.

Do You Have A Wider Marketing Strategy?

Although promotional products can be used as a stand along marketing tool, they can be very effective when used as part of a wider strategy.

What Is The Call To Action?

Ensure you know what you're aiming to achieve. For example, if you're sending a promotional product to key contacts which are warm to your brand you may not need to include contact details. However, if you're handing out a product to a large number of people at an exhibition or trade show where the vast majority of people won't have heard of your business before, ensure the product includes your contact details.