In a crowded market place it is often difficult to elevate your brand above the competition. Giving a corporate gift can be an effective ice breaker as it is difficult to ignore. Giving a gift can allow you to build a relationship and in today’s marketplace this is essential in building a successful business.

To maximise ROI you will need to be creative and tailor the gift to the needs of your client. Using gifting as part of an integrated marketing strategy will also increase its impact. If you get it right the recipient will use the product and will be reminded of your brand on a daily basis therefore making sales more likely.

Follow our simple guide to ensure you achieve a high ROI from gifting branded promotional products

Set a goal

Before you decide what to give and how to do it look at your business goals to ensure you choose a product which is likely to deliver one of your key objectives.

Keep your recipients needs in mind when selecting the gift

This will ensure your gift is used and therefore advertises your brand.

Focus on value not price

As the gift is a mobile billboard for your brand ensure you choose something which will last and will work. Therefore don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest option.


The gift is more likely to be noticed if you personalise it for each individual client.


A carefully chosen presentation method will ensure the recipient actually opens the gift. This can also affect the perceived value of the item.

Include a hand written note

It';s a simple touch but will help your client feel valued and will encourage them to contact you.