Did you know that eight out of 10 people own one to 10 promotional items? More than half of them use these products at least once a week.

Now imagine having your logo printed on those products. It would be the first thing people see when drinking their morning coffee or writing with their pens.

Promotional marketing has a huge potential in terms of business growth. It makes it easier for customers to remember your brand, whether they're at home or in the office.

Statistics show that people who receive promo products are more likely to recommend the business. Plus, they have a more positive perception of the brand offering those items.

The question is: how can you make sure that your campaign has maximum impact? For a start, avoid these common promotional marketing mistakes:

Not Having a Purpose

Before launching a promo marketing campaign, set clear goals.

Why are you giving away promotional items? Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate sales, or drive traffic to your website?

Each of these goals requires a different product and design. Therefore, it's important to have a clear objective in mind. Once you do that, come up with a plan.

Not Distributing Adequately

Many business owners order hundreds of promo items but fail to distribute them to the target audience. Poor planning is the culprit.

Don't invest in promotional products before you know how you're going to use them. Determine how many you need and how you're planning to distribute them.

For instance, you can give away these items at trade shows and workshops. Or you could include them with each customer's purchase. The choice is up to you.

Ignoring Your Demographic

It's not uncommon to see business owners who are giving away products that have nothing to do with their audience.

Let's say you're offering financial consulting services. Do you really think that giving away promotional shopping bags will help? Think about your target audience, which probably consists of entrepreneurs and corporations.

These people are more likely to use promotional pens or notebooks rather than printed shopping bags.

If your business appeals to corporate customers, offer products they can actually use, such as custom branded pens. If you're targeting kids, give away promo items that will catch their attention.

Failing to Provide the Right Contact Information

Let's assume that you want to get more traffic to your website or grow your list. What's the point in giving away promotional items if they don't include your URL?

It's unrealistic to believe that prospects will type your business name online to find your site. Some of them will probably do it, but too few to make a difference.

Make sure the message on your promo items is in line with your goals.

If you want to bring more clients into your store, include its physical address. To increase website traffic, print your URL and email address on promotional merchandise.

Use Promotional Marketing to Your Advantage

When done right, promotional marketing can take your business to the next level. It's a proven way to gain exposure and spread the word about your brand. Plus, it shows customers that you care about their needs.

Be smart and plan everything ahead. Simply giving away promotional items doesn't guarantee more sales and revenue. Think strategically and create products that provide value to your audience.

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