Let's talk about marketing. Way too many restaurants fail because they don't set a big enough marketing budget.

It doesn't matter how good your food is if no one is eating it.

A great way to announce the opening of your restaurant or food cart is with promotional products. You can hand out water bottles or bags with your logo on them.

Throw a party for your opening with goody bags, not enough people do swag bags anymore.

However, you need to be careful using certain colours associated with food. Yes, people will judge your food based on promotional product colours.

Learn more below.

Colours Associated With Food

Psychology is a funny thing. People see a colour in one setting and it means one thing, while related to food it means another.

Warm Colors

Most of the time if you're going to use colours around food, they need to be on the warm colour spectrum. That means reds, yellows, oranges, and even browns.

You should incorporate these colours whenever you can, but not too much.

You don't want your restaurant all bright red and yellow, looking like a circus.


When it comes to food, red makes us hungry. Maybe it's because of juicy apples or the inside of a steak, or maybe it's a trick our brain plays on us.

Either way, it's the reason so many restaurants have red tablecloths or napkins.


Another appetite increasing colour, yellow makes people happy. It makes you hungry and excited to eat, at the same time.

Yellow is best used in small doses, due to its bright hue. The wrong shade of yellow looks childish and too much is overwhelming.


We love orange. It's the positivity of yellow mixed with the assertion of red. It's somehow comforting without soothing or relaxing the eye.


When you get into darker colours, you start to get iffy. We'll explore that with blacks and blues later.

Brown has a very natural vibe and most restaurants use it in some way, table or chairs. This makes people relax since our bodies like the outdoors.

Use a deep brown in place of black when you can. Especially like using brown paper bags or pizza boxes - give them the authentic feel!


Going green is a phenomenon that means taking care of the earth. It brings visions of leafy gardens and a happy, healthy planet.

For food, green brings visions of health and holistic wellness. If you're a healthy-foods only place, use it well and often!


People use blue as an attempt at weight loss because it makes people feel satiated. Stay away from the colour blue around food.

Colours and Promotional Products

Make sure you don't make the mistake hundreds of owners have made before you. Market your restaurant!

Don't let all your hard work go untested. Get promotional products to promote your business, but choose good colours associated with foods to go along.

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