There's no shortage to the number of promotional items out there: glassware; Frisbees; t-shirts; stickers; flyers; tote bags; and the list goes on.

Your promotional items can be as varied as you are creative. But don't just stop there. Every business is doing the same thing as yours is, so how can yours stand out?

We have an answer for you, and it's easy: colour.

What you purchase on a daily basis is directly affected by the colour of that item. Believe it or not, 85% of buyers are heavily influenced by this factor, with even more (93%) putting it as the most important.

Whether you're at the trade show booth at a convention or passing out pamphlets in your neighborhood, you want your promotional items to make an impact. They're what will turn curious minds into paying, loyal customers.

Let's find the colour of success. It's out there.

What Is the Colour of Success?

Well, there's not just one. In fact, colours make a difference when they're alone and when they're paired with other colours.

You can choose a colour scheme that fits the message your business is trying to send. Mix it up for different items, or stay with the same theme, but keep your buyer's emotions in mind.

What are some examples of colour psychology?


Red has the ability to instill a sense of urgency to people. Think fast cars. The ones that have the stigma of going fast? The red ones.

Hues of red have other effects, too. It can make people think the temperature is higher than what it is.

So if you're a small business that makes quality down jackets for winter, you could consider implementing the colour red more. It'll make the wearer feel warmer in more ways than one.


The colour blue is used across the board, ranking it one of the more successful colours. Known for being trustworthy and calm, its soothing tone can make impulse shoppers and conscientious buyers alike feel good in their decision to purchase.

The colour blue can be used to advertise for food; IT companies; education; and for automobiles. So the next time you're considering a new order of promotional items, don't forget to utilize this classic colour.

Colour Is Your Friend

While every person's perception of a colour is personal to them and their experiences, we can all agree that there is a general feeling when it comes to most colours.

There's a reason happy faces are yellow. Yellow is warm and it feels good. On the same note, some colours are perceived as more drab, or depressing, or scary. The psychology of colour is very present in our everyday lives as consumers once we begin to pay attention.

It's a fact: us humans are colour-sensitive. The colour of success will be dependent on your business, your message, and your clientele. Think bright; warm; sensible hues for your flower shop. Or fast; spontaneous; and daring tones for your work-out gear.

Let us know what colour works best for you!