Are you looking for ways to promote your next event?

Promotional items are the most effective when they're helpful to your potential customer. With summer just around the corner, you'll want to include items that will help your customers beat the heat and engage in summer fun.

This article will give you the best promotional items for your next summer event.

1) Create a Koozie

A koozie is a soft foam item you wrap around drinks to make them easier to hold.

Koozies are perfect for your next summer event as people drink a lot in the summer to keep cool.

Print your company's information on your promotional koozie and people will be thinking about it every time they pick up their drink. Your company will become a conversation topic among friends enjoying a beer together.

2) Feature a Frisbee

Nothing says summer like getting outside and throwing a frisbee around.

People will be grateful that you're giving them something fun to do by gifting them a frisbee.

Your company's message will fly through the air and into the hands of different potential buyers. A frisbee will give the message that your company is fun and light-hearted.

3) Buy a Bottle

Reusable water bottles are not only good for the environment, they can be good for your company too.

These days it is increasingly important to be environmentally friendly. Potential customers will be looking for companies who are helping the environment.

Creating a reusable water bottle for your summer event will show that you're promoting your message in a healthy way.

Plus dehydration and heat stroke are at an all-time high during the summer, so people need a way to cool off.

4) Create a Cap

Baseball caps are a stylish and practical promotional item for summer.

Baseball caps will keep the sun out of your customer's eyes. It is also a wearable form of advertisement. Where ever they travel this summer, your hat will go with them.

Wearable advertising like this is a great idea to increase exposure of your brand.

5) Try a Tote

Summertime sees an increase in weekend trips.

People are heading to the beach, camping, and to theme parks. Wherever they go they'll need to tote stuff with them.

Be sure your company is always on their minds by providing a customized tote bag. Totes should be mid-sized and easy to carry from place to place.

Get These Promotional Items for Your Next Summer Event

Remember the goal for your promotional items is to get people thinking about your company and get them to want to spread the word.

In order to do this, you should provide handy summer items that people actually want and need. Start with this list, and then think about what items you need in the summer to come up with new ideas.

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