Did you know that 74% of Australians have at least one promotional product sitting on their desk right now.

What sorts of promotional products are you peddling? If you're still handing out brochures at events, you're behind the game.

At promotional events all over the country, stress balls are everywhere. They're not only a fun way to get your company name out there. People actually find them useful, which makes them one of the most functional promotional products.

Read on to learn why promotional stress balls are the next big thing in promotional products.

They're Relevant

Self-care is being more and more talked about today than it ever has. Mental health days are championed and stress management is more relevant than ever.

By offering promotional stress balls, you're communicating with people that you're a defender of the importance of mental health. You understand that daily stresses are real, and you want to contribute a tangible solution. You're showing that you care.

They Help People

Besides the stress-relieving benefits, stress balls have also been shown to alleviate symptoms of physical ailments such as carpal-tunnel, rheumatism, and arthritis. This is super important for those who sit at a desk and type all day. The relief is welcome.

Stress balls can also improve blood circulation. This is also super helpful for those who spend their day at a desk and aren't too active.

They're Bold

stress ball

You can have some fun with the design of your promotional stress ball.

Consider making it a different shape, perhaps a pyramid or a shape that's in line with your branding strategy. Play with bold colors and typography to make it stand out at your event.

They're Functional

Since stress balls are so functional, it's likely that they'll be sitting out on clients' desks pretty regularly. You couldn't ask for better exposure.

Make sure your stress ball is aesthetically pleasing to be sure that your clients won't shove them in a drawer.

They're Cost-Effective

When it comes to promotional items, stress balls are on the lower end in terms of cost. They're cheap to produce, and even cheaper when bought in bulk.

It's a good idea to buy extra in bulk for future events, too. Even if you don't use them, you'll have them around the office to give away to clients. You could even make little swag bags to give away as promotional material for new clients!

They're Fun

Sometimes, productivity at work is low. It's unavoidable. People get distracted and want to congregate around the water cooler.

Have you ever seen a stress ball being thrown around? Consider getting sports-themed stress balls to add to the element of play.

Soccer ball, tennis ball, and rugby-shaped stress balls are more likely to get tossed around by employees during their downtime. This only increases your exposure as your company's name flies through the air for everyone to see.

Promotional Stress Balls for Your Next Event

When it comes to promotional marketing tactics, stress balls knock it out of the park. They're fun, functional, and keep your business' name front and centre on desks.

Are you all set with promotional products for your next event? If not, we can help. Check out our selection of stress balls to find the perfect style for your business.

Do you have questions about promotional products? Get in touch. We would love to discuss your promotional game plan, and help you stay ahead of the curve.