Are you planning on hosting or attending a large event? Whether you're a business at a trade show or you're hosting a special event such as a wedding, you need to protect your guests when you host an event outside.

To protect your guests from multiple outdoor conditions, most prefer marquee tents.

Your staff and guests will stay out of the sun, the tents are easy to set up, and you can safely display your decor and products with very little weather concerns.

If you're participating in an event, here are 5 reasons why you should use a tent.

1. Protects Against Weather Conditions

You may enjoy looking up at the blue sky or sparkling stars while at an event.

But this will be less enjoyable when the weather is raining or windy, and your decor and products could potentially be destroyed. To protect your decor and products from wind and rain, use a tent.

Tents also help keep your staff and customers out of the heat or cold. If the weather is cold, you can easily insulate warmth using a heater.

2. They Look Professional and Beautiful

marquee tent

Marquee tents do more than serve for practicality during outdoor events. These tents also have aesthetic value. Their sleek design looks amazing in any outdoor scenario.

Because of this sleek and sturdy look, you can use a tent for a professional purpose or any kind of a casual or fancy party.

You also have flexibility with the tent canvas. If you're hosting a wedding, you can choose a typical white canvas. Or if your company is using a tent for outdoor promotion, customize the canvas with the company branding.

3. They're Flexible

No matter how small or large of a space needed to cover, a marquee tent can cover a wide amount of spaces. Or, you can set up your tent to cover a small area.

Depending on your event, you can even use a tent to cover the entire proximity of the space.

4. Quick Set Up and Break Down

You can set up and break down marquee tents quicker than just about any type of tent. Rather than taking a whole day, these tents require only a couple of minutes of set up and break down.

5. High-Quality Canvas

All tents are different, but these tent canvases are usually made of high-quality fabrics such as polymeric fabric. This material is waterproof, meets all fire and safety standards, anti-microbial, offers UV protection, and is durable.

Use a Marquee Tent at Your Next Event

Tents offer incredible quality for any type of event.

These tents are offered in a range of sizes for different events. Whether you're hosting an event or are a company sponsor, you can use these tents for a variety of different reasons. For companies using these tents, you can customize the canvas by printing your company name and logo. The canvas is strong quality and is suitable for multiple weather conditions.

Are you hosting or attending an event? Take a look at our tent products, email if you need a free no obligation quote and virtual mock-up