Branded Corporate Bar & Wine Accessories

Bar accessories from highly economic giveaway items used for things like lucky dips, throw outs at concerts and events to high end corporate bar items which can really show your clients that you care about their continued support. Gifts are so important for keeping return clients and keeping your brand in their minds, don't overlook this brilliant range of bar accessories.

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  • Bottle Opener Coaster-20
    Bottle Opener Coaster
  • Promotional Tin Beer Buckets-20
    Promotional Tin Beer Buckets
  • Beer Tap Badges-20
    Beer Tap Badges
  • Promotional Bar Runners-20
    Promotional Bar Runners
  • Full Colour Printed Metal Coasters-20
    Full Colour Printed Metal Coasters
  • PVC Drink Coasters-20
    PVC Drink Coasters
  • PVC Bottle Opener-20
    PVC Bottle Opener
  • Classic Bottle Opener-20
    Classic Bottle Opener
  • Metal Fridge Magnets-20
    Metal Fridge Magnets
  • Square Card Coasters-20
    Square Card Coasters
  • Strata Coaster Set-20
    Strata Coaster Set
  • Waiters Friends-20
    Waiters Friends
  • Stainless Credit Card Bottle Opener-20
    Stainless Credit Card Bottle Opener
  • Cork & Fiberboard Square Beverage Coaster-20
    Cork & Fiberboard Square Beverage Coaster
  • Custom Fridge Magnets-20
    Custom Fridge Magnets
  • Playing Card Bottle Opener-20
    Playing Card Bottle Opener
  • Premium Bottle Opener-20
    Premium Bottle Opener
  • Oakridge Cork Coaster Round-20
    Oakridge Cork Coaster Round
  • Personal Hip Flask-20
    Personal Hip Flask
  • Bamboo Straw-20
    Bamboo Straw
  • Mojito Straw Set-20
    Mojito Straw Set
  • Buzz Paper Straws-20
    Buzz Paper Straws
  • Evergreen Straw Set-20
    Evergreen Straw Set
  • Vinyl Bottle Opener-20
    Vinyl Bottle Opener
  • The Smithfield Bottle Opener-20
    The Smithfield Bottle Opener
  • The Fizz Straw Set-20
    The Fizz Straw Set
  • Bartender's Vinyl Bottle Opener-20
    Bartender's Vinyl Bottle Opener
  • Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Keyring Case-20
    Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Keyring Case
  • The Vinifera Aerator-20
    The Vinifera Aerator
  • Spanner Bottle Opener-20
    Spanner Bottle Opener
  • Whiskey Ice Block-20
    Whiskey Ice Block
  • The Vinyl Smithfield Bottle Opener-20
    The Vinyl Smithfield Bottle Opener
  • Round Cork Beverage Coaster-20
    Round Cork Beverage Coaster
  • Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Square Case-20
    Reusable Silicone Straw w/ Square Case
  • AGRADE Drink Coaster Set-20
    AGRADE Drink Coaster Set
  • Craignure Flask Gift Set-20
    Craignure Flask Gift Set
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Straw-20
    Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
  • Deluxe Cork Coaster-20
    Deluxe Cork Coaster
  • AGRADE Bar Blade-20
    AGRADE Bar Blade
  • Inverness Hip Flask-20
    Inverness Hip Flask
  • Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw-20
    Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
  • Eco Cork Coaster-20
    Eco Cork Coaster
  • Credit Card Bottle Opener-20
    Credit Card Bottle Opener
  • Sipper-Straw Tritan Bottle 800ml-20
    Sipper-Straw Tritan Bottle 800ml
  • Aberfeldy Flask Gift Set-20
    Aberfeldy Flask Gift Set
  • Promotional Slate Coasters-20
    Promotional Slate Coasters
  • Bartender's Bottle Opener-20
    Bartender's Bottle Opener
  • 1.8 Litre Beer Growler-20
    1.8 Litre Beer Growler
  • Silicone Reusable Drinking Straw-20
    Silicone Reusable Drinking Straw
  • Oakridge Cork Coaster Square-20
    Oakridge Cork Coaster Square
  • Champagne Glass Coolers-20
    Champagne Glass Coolers
  • Multi-Purpose Business Card Bottle Opener-20
    Multi-Purpose Business Card Bottle Opener
  • Promo Transparent Lighters-20
    Promo Transparent Lighters
  • Jar & Bottle Opener-20
    Jar & Bottle Opener
  • Nitro Pop Top Opener Keytag-20
    Nitro Pop Top Opener Keytag
  • AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • Cocktail Drink Umbrella-20
    Cocktail Drink Umbrella
  • Plastic Ice Bucket-20
    Plastic Ice Bucket
  • Galvanized Metal Ice Bucket-20
    Galvanized Metal Ice Bucket
  • Cap Shaped Magnetic Bottle Opener-20
    Cap Shaped Magnetic Bottle Opener
  • Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener-20
    Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
  • PVC Wine Glass Holder-20
    PVC Wine Glass Holder
  • USB Bottle Opener 2-20
    USB Bottle Opener 2
  • Photo Bottle Opener-20
    Photo Bottle Opener
  • Neoprene Foam Coasters-20
    Neoprene Foam Coasters
  • Pop Up Cooler Tub-20
    Pop Up Cooler Tub
  • Silicone Cigarette Case-20
    Silicone Cigarette Case
  • Horse Head-Shaped Bottle/Can Opener-20
    Horse Head-Shaped Bottle/Can Opener
  • Stainless Curve Bottle Opener-20
    Stainless Curve Bottle Opener
  • Rubber Grip Wrench Opener-20
    Rubber Grip Wrench Opener
  • Button Down Wine Glass Holder-20
    Button Down Wine Glass Holder
  • PVC Fridge Magnets-20
    PVC Fridge Magnets
  • Stainless Flat Opener-20
    Stainless Flat Opener
  • Bottle Opener Keytag / Light-20
    Bottle Opener Keytag / Light
  • Bottle Opener Keyring Torch-20
    Bottle Opener Keyring Torch
  • Mutitfit Jar and Bottle Opener-20
    Mutitfit Jar and Bottle Opener
  • USB Monster Drive-20
    USB Monster Drive
  • Felt Wine Catch Coaster-20
    Felt Wine Catch Coaster
  • Felt Wine Cooler-20
    Felt Wine Cooler
  • CMYK Photo Print Opener-20
    CMYK Photo Print Opener
  • The Rally Magnetic Opener-20
    The Rally Magnetic Opener
  • Etched Metal Coasters-20
    Etched Metal Coasters
  • Wave Bottle Opener-20
    Wave Bottle Opener
  • Detachable Wine Glass Strap-20
    Detachable Wine Glass Strap
  • Round Opener Style-20
    Round Opener Style
  • Cork Coasters-20
    Cork Coasters
  • TR Chillball Box Set-20
    TR Chillball Box Set
  • Star Memo Clip-20
    Star Memo Clip
  • The Pluto Flashlight-20
    The Pluto Flashlight
  • Holiday Vino Set-20
    Holiday Vino Set
  • Double Ended Stainless Bottle Opener-20
    Double Ended Stainless Bottle Opener
  • Maitre De Pro-20
    Maitre De Pro
  • USB Bottle Opener 3-20
    USB Bottle Opener 3
  • Heart Fridge Clip-20
    Heart Fridge Clip
  • Plastic Flip Coasters-20
    Plastic Flip Coasters
  • Executive Bottle Opener-20
    Executive Bottle Opener
  • Footprint Opener-20
    Footprint Opener
  • Moulded Metal Coasters-20
    Moulded Metal Coasters
  • Single Wine Bottle Holder-20
    Single Wine Bottle Holder
  • Bottle Opener Dog Tag-20
    Bottle Opener Dog Tag
  • Ring Bottle Opener-20
    Ring Bottle Opener
  • USB Wine Bottle Metal-20
    USB Wine Bottle Metal
  • Promo Curve Bottle Opener-20
    Promo Curve Bottle Opener
  • Metal Coaster Set-20
    Metal Coaster Set
  • Printed Promo Napkins-20
    Printed Promo Napkins
  • Oval Bottle Opener-20
    Oval Bottle Opener
  • Pad Print Metal Coasters-20
    Pad Print Metal Coasters
  • Wooden Wine Box-20
    Wooden Wine Box
  • Screw Handle Jar Opener-20
    Screw Handle Jar Opener
  • Neoprene Wine Glass Holders-20
    Neoprene Wine Glass Holders
  • PVC Bar Runners-20
    PVC Bar Runners
  • Cheers Style Opener-20
    Cheers Style Opener
  • Plastic Britemat coasters-20
    Plastic Britemat coasters
  • EVA Glass Holder-20
    EVA Glass Holder
  • Round Card Coasters-20
    Round Card Coasters
  • Round LED Key-Light / Bottle Opener-20
    Round LED Key-Light / Bottle Opener
  • Winesave-20
  • Stainless Flat Bottle Wrench-20
    Stainless Flat Bottle Wrench
  • Promo Grass Coaster-20
    Promo Grass Coaster
  • USB Cork Drive-20
    USB Cork Drive
  • Bottle Opener Torch-20
    Bottle Opener Torch
  • The TR Wine Block-20
    The TR Wine Block
  • Fish Bottle Opener-20
    Fish Bottle Opener
  • Laser Engraved Coasters-20
    Laser Engraved Coasters
  • Leather Metal Coaster Combo Set-20
    Leather Metal Coaster Combo Set
  • Wooden Heat Stamped Coasters-20
    Wooden Heat Stamped Coasters

Set Descending Direction

127 Item(s)

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Bar accessories, custom branded with your message

The best marketing campaigns are those that reach out to target customers in places where they regularly come together. Each of Dynamic Gift’s promotional items has been carefully selected to ensure maximum exposure in offices, kitchens, living rooms and break rooms around Australia. In addition to that, we have also released a range of bar accessories that can be printed with your company’s logo and marketing messages. Now there’s yet another venue where your company can have its voice heard.

Spend a few minutes perusing the products on our website, and you’ll see our offers exceed the usual expectations. Of course, we’re fully equipped to provide the standard marketing collateral that you routinely encounter in public drinking establishments:

  • PVC bar runners
  • Wine glass holders
  • Beer and ice buckets
  • Silicone cigarette cases

However, those are just a few of the items offered at Dynamic Gift. Our online selection is much more extensive.

Marketing When Spirits are High

Practical items like this present our clients with the opportunity to build and reinforce their brand image. We believe that brand reinforcement is best achieved when spirits are high. Whether stopping by for a pint at their local or sharing a bottle of red at a private gathering, people are naturally happy and relaxed when meeting for drinks. In other words, they’re in the ideal frame of mind to receive well-crafted marketing messages from our corporate clients.

We offer a range of unique bottle openers that can be branded with your company logo. Think of how many times you’ve sat down with a group of friends for a drink, only to realise that there’s not an opener on the premises. Of course, if even of those people had one in their pocket—perhaps one bearing your company’s slogan—it would become the de facto opener for the evening. Everyone in that room is going to see and interact with it.

Keep it simple yet effective

Sometimes, the simplest items achieve the best results. For example, coasters are cheap when purchased in bulk, but you’re all but guaranteed that people are going to use them. Distribute these to restaurants and bars in neighbourhoods frequented by your target customers, and they will be used. As such, your business can enjoy a consistent line of communication with those who most likely to do buy from it in the first place.

We also offer a few more refined items such as wine accessories, but even these are available at highly competitive wholesale rates. They’re ideal to be given as gifts during the holiday season or as prizes at an upcoming event. Many can be personalised to recognise a specific person or an outstanding achievement.

If you are looking for new outlets for an upcoming marketing campaign, let a representative from Dynamic Gift introduce you to the range of custom merchandise we can deliver. We are equipped to produce marketing materials suitable for a venues and circumstances. Why not get in touch with us today to see how we can contribute to your next campaign

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