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Nobody can produce custom printed, individually named staff badges and have them delivered right to your door at the price and turnaround time we can. If you are looking to brand your company the right way, make your staff more approachable, or have an event coming up that requires people to recognise certain attendees. Then look no further than our range of promotional printed name badges.

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  • Wooden Lapel Pins-20
    Wooden Lapel Pins
  • Hard Enamel Lapel Pins-20
    Hard Enamel Lapel Pins
  • Screen Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins-20
    Screen Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins
  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins-20
    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins
  • Soft Enamel Lapel Pins-20
    Soft Enamel Lapel Pins
  • Promotional Button Badges-20
    Promotional Button Badges
  • Die Struck (No Inkfill) Lapel Pins-20
    Die Struck (No Inkfill) Lapel Pins
  • Wooden Name Badges-20
    Wooden Name Badges
  • Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins-20
    Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins
  • Shield Button Badge-20
    Shield Button Badge
  • Eco-Friendly Button Badges-20
    Eco-Friendly Button Badges
  • Heart Button Badge-20
    Heart Button Badge
  • Rectangle Button Badge-20
    Rectangle Button Badge
  • Wood Name Badges-20
    Wood Name Badges
  • Pentagon Button Badge-20
    Pentagon Button Badge
  • Hexagon Button Badge-20
    Hexagon Button Badge
  • Octagon Button Badge-20
    Octagon Button Badge
  • Triangle Button Badges-20
    Triangle Button Badges
  • Star Button Badge-20
    Star Button Badge
  • Oval Button Badge-20
    Oval Button Badge
  • Square Button Badges-20
    Square Button Badges
  • Country Flag Pin Badge-20
    Country Flag Pin Badge
  • Light Up Button Badges-20
    Light Up Button Badges
  • NAIDOC Button Badge-20
    NAIDOC Button Badge
  • Economy Plastic Name Badges-20
    Economy Plastic Name Badges
  • Chalkboard Name Badges-20
    Chalkboard Name Badges
  • Leather Name Badges-20
    Leather Name Badges
  • Premium Plastic Name Badges-20
    Premium Plastic Name Badges
  • Metallic Finish Plastic Name Badges-20
    Metallic Finish Plastic Name Badges
  • PVC Flasher Badges-20
    PVC Flasher Badges
  • PVC Lapel Pin-20
    PVC Lapel Pin

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31 Item(s)

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Completely custom made name badges

Name badges are popular in retail and other customer facing environments as they show a more human side to staff, and that's why our range of quality printed metal name badges are so popular. These can be customised with your logo and a stylish background for a professional finish, allowing staff to wear their badge with pride. There are also plastic options available which are strong and durable, and you can choose a strong magnetic fastening which ensures there are no pin holes left in suit jackets and other clothing.

Reusable options available

If you work in a company with a high staff turnover rate or are running an event with volunteers then our range of re-usable badges can also be customised to suit your needs. You can choose between metal or clear plastic holders which are printed to a high standard with your logo and company name, and then simply insert a paper or card name label for each individual staff member or attendee for a professional look.

Excellent gift and brand awareness item in one

Promotional badges are very useful for advertising events and special offers as they are cheap when brought in bulk and offer the opportunity to create an eye-catching full colour design. Whether you want to promote a band, a special event, or draw your customer's attention to a special offer, button badges are one of the simplest ways to do so, and you can choose between a wide range of sizes and styles. Our team at Dynamic Gift are happy to help you create the perfect graphics for your badges, and you can therefore approve them before they are sent off to be manufactured. Because we are an Australian company we are easy to deal with when you need button badges made, and have short turnover times for urgent jobs.

A stylish alternative to traditional badges is our range of premium lapel pins, and these high quality metal pins can be enamelled or printed in many colours and finishes. Choose whatever shape, size, and thickness you require and we can show you what a professional finish these lapel pins offer. It could be a colourful corporate logo, or a shiny silver or gold decoration for those important members of staff.

Die struck badges as executive gifts

If you need a prestigious gift for a corporate client then our metal cufflinks or custom tie clips make for a stylish and attention grabbing gift. Choose any design from a corporate logo to a crest to be turned into cufflinks, and then simply choose from our wide range of finishes to create a branded gift that's always well received. Tie pins are also great for members of staff who are serving the public and are a popular choice for receptionists or high end retail assistants. Choose between a moulding of a logo or design, or ask about our photo etching service for your company's name.

We also have plenty of options for women executives and staff members, and our charm coin necklace has endless options for stamping and ink filling, creating a design that's as bright and eye-catching or as sleek and stylish as you want.