16m Custom Star Tent

16m Custom Star Tent
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Massive promotional tent awesome at concerts and large fundraising events, excellent brand coverage and can fit a very large number of people inside when combined with walls and window panels etc.

Product Details


16m Diameter

Setup Time:

Thirty minutes

Materials Available:

300D, 420D, 500D, 600D Polyester, Oxford, Canvas coated PVC or PU, Waterproof or fireproof options available.

Construction Notes

All framework is luxuriously anodized aluminium, this provides strength without the unit being too heavy to transport. This means not only a longer lasting marquee display but increased safety for people walking in and out of your tent. We also back the framework up with non-breakable HQ nylon plastic accessories & joints, heavy duty reinforced ribs. UV proof, Water proof, and Fire retardant material. There are no tools required for assembly the entire unit pops up in less than 5 minutes.

Star Tent Sizes

16m Custom Star Tent

Tents are always good for specific outdoor events or activities. Because of these tents, people will always have a sure organisation of doing activities. Having a proper base outside the field is also part of tent’s purposes. Aside from those, protection against the weather and other situations are what these tents can always bring particularly for the event organiser. In case you are an outdoor event organiser such as fundraising, concerts or what so ever, the 16m Custom Star Tent from Dynamic Gift Australia can be the tent that will fit the needs of such events.

What's Good About Star Tent?

The 16m Custom Star Tent is also known as a high quality tent to be used for amazing concerts and huge fundraising events. This brings a unique brand coverage as it can allow a large number of people inside especially when it has been combined walls, window panels and more. Within just thirty minutes, set up and everything can be done flawlessly, other time saved for the set up can be done for more useful matters. On the other hand, it has a heavy duty frameworks that delivers its strong and weather or commotion resistant type of tent so there will be reset up to make in such situations.

From What Is It Made Of?

The Star Tent is a high quality tent because it has been made of the following materials:

  • 300D - 600D polyester
  • Oxford
  • Waterproof/ fireproof materials
  • canvas coated PVC or PU

All of the Star Tent’s frameworks are made from luxuriously annodized aluminum. This basically provides the carrier of it the strength without feeling it is very heavy to transport to other destinations. It only means that both strong set up and safety features are what it tends to provide for every people who walk in and out of the tent. This tent’s framework also has a non-breakable accessories and joints such as “HQ nylon plastic” as well as a heavy duty rib materials. It is always safe to use because of its quality materials and this serves as tent with benefits of being UV and Water proof as well as its capacity of being a fire retardant.

Start Tent not requires any tool for the entire set up of the props that can be made in just less than five minutes. In other words, the thirty minutes set up of the whole tent can be achieved possibly. In addition, single pole size of this tent is available in various sizes from 8 to 16 cm while the dual pole sizes are also available in various sizes.

The Custom Star Tent can be delivered within fourteen days after the order with various condition applications. Printing of the panel is not also a problem. Additionally, the Star Tent’s frame has its 3-year warranty and 1-year warranty for the printed panels. Overall, the Star Tent delivers options for a great outdoor tent that can be chosen by any event organiser. 


*Information about our products ia intended as an approximate guide only. DynamicGift can not be held liable for any damage caused by the use of our products. For liability purposes we recommend you seek an independant evaluation of the area that the product will be used for and its intended purpose. As Dynamic Gift will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused by our products use.

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