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7 ways to increase business awareness

This article written by the team at dynamic gift.

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People are always trying to get new sales, drive more traffic and most of all make more money! here are 7 of my favourite ways of doing this without spending an absolute fortune on paid clicks,expensive billboards, tedious cold canvas calls.

1 Good Ol' Business Cards

Create an exceptional business card that screams quality. Or hire somebody else to do it for you,creativity and ideas don't always flow so if your struggling for good ideas then give somebody who specializes in design the opportunity to create you a business card with a twist.

Check these links out for ideas.

38 Brilliant Business Card Designs.

Better than a business card alternatives.

60 of the most beautiful business card designs.

Visit DeviantArt and check other artists business cards for inspiration.

2 Submit to free local directories and top sites

2: Add your business to as many local directories as possible many of them are free, get thousands of searches a day and the biggest bonus is when people around your geographic area search in google you will pop straight up with contact details and location info.

Some fantastic directories include:

HotFrog -
TrueLocal Australia -
White Pages -
OurPatch -

3 Free stuff is always a winner

Give people free stuff with your website or company contact details printed on them. Very similar to a business card but not quite, things like button badges, low cost pens, bookmarks, or anything people will use from day to day are fantastic for getting your business stuck in peoples heads. Fridge magnets are another cool idea or even stickers and temporary tattoos. Little stress balls or anything like that are always a hit.

4 Get some lanyards made up

Talk to a lanyards supplier about getting your companies logo and contact info printed onto a lanyard and then make all your friends, family, and employees wear them everywhere. They won't complain seeing as lanyards are a cool way to carry keys and other random junk like phones and id passes. They don't cost much and they make long lasting free advertising!

If your looking for ideas on lanyards checkout these examples of Full photographic printed lanyards or Block colour printed lanyards which are also cheaper and offer the same branding value.

5 Offer excellent service and ask people to recommend you

Always strive to be the best you can at what you do, and offer people a solution to a problem. Shopping, Purchasing something or engaging your services is usually because people have something they need a solution to. Be that solution and people will recommend you to there friends with pride.

If you know that a client is very happy with your service you can even ask them to tell there friends or write you a testimonial from 6 words to a whole page it doesn't matter. Put that testimonial on your website or into a book on display in your store.

6 Make a video about your product

Make up a short video about your product explaining its benefits and show some of the cool stuff that can be done with it. Try to make it look legitimate and and really sell your product without sounding like a dodgy used car salesman. Once its made submit to all the major free video content sites

Some good sites to try and submit the video too include:


You can try this same principle with good images of your product and simply upload them to photo websites such as flikr and photobucket.

7 Make a facebook page for your shop or business.

This is another free way of creating a buzz. Make up an FB page for your business and post pictures of products, pictures of the business and your staff. Important: Always try to bring a personal touch to the page don't make it a massive sales pitch try and keep it non spammy.

A good rule is to think of the page as your companies personal journal, keeping customers and potential customers interested and updated on whats happening in your business. It sounds easier than it is but you will get the hang of it.

Some good resources I have found for creating a company facebook include:

Adidas originals adidas have created an interesting facebook page that features cool advertising images of their latest shoes and apparel. They also post interesting bits and bobs to keep people checking back regularly.

How to develop a facebook page that attracts millions of fans. This is an interesting guide on setting up a facebook page that won't go unseen.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has given you a few ideas for your business. I wrote the little guide just to give you a little insight into the things I like to do when helping somebody set up a business or setting up a web page of my own. Some of these tips might have occurred to you and some might not have. In any case I hope they help your business on its way to gaining more traffic and brand awareness.

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